Made me laugh at chemo today

So about 6 of us were sitting on the reclining chairs with various chemotherapy IV infusions going in. Nurses and WRVS volunteers were keeping us all well plied with tea/coffee etc. A youngish (well young by my standards) man opposite me got a phone call. I presume the person to ringing asked him what it was like because his reply was "Well, it's like a coffee morning with drips." We all cracked up! Great to have a "communal laugh" in the midst of chemotherapy!

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  • Was there a chorus of "How very dare you call us drips"???!!!!!

    Seems a large room , there were only three people maximum in the cubicles in my chemo unit! It was good though to meet and chat to others and I met some inspirational people.

    Glad it went well.

    Clare xx

  • Funnily enough one of the nurses said "he's calling you all drips"!

  • That's my warped sense of humour !!!

  • Love it!!😂😂😂😂

  • There were always around 10 people in my chemo unit at a time, but we didn't really chat to each other. I would have loved a bit of banter like that!

  • Same for me I tried on a few occasions to get poole to chat it worked a couple of times but otherwise there was no conversation... sad really 😳

  • Made me chuckle. Very funny x

  • I am laughing here too, I hope he was referring to the chemo drips not the rest of ye haha. I think we need a laugh to keep us going dont we?

  • Made me chuckle! good laugh is the best medicine :) x

  • Awesome, just goes to show we can still laugh even when on chemo. My chemo was at Christies and we were able to wander around with our drips and have a natter with lots of people which made the whole experience much more bearable and I made some lasting friends.

    Thank you for sharing this it made me chuckle ❤️Xx

  • ha, ha, love it, made me chuckle this morning. Xx

  • He was spot on!

  • My thoughts exactly!

  • What a brilliant way to describe chemo!

  • Sometimes I think it may depend on how big the chemo unit is. I have had some of my chemo at a big unit at Addenbrookes where it's difficult to have conversation with many people, though sometimes I've talked a bit to the person in the next chair, &, of course, some of the nurses if they have time. I've also had some chemo at one of their 'outreach centres' a health centre which has a chemo room staffed by some of the chemo nurses from the hospital. There they have a maximum of 4 patients at a time, & there was a lot more general conversation, & sometimes banter. I remember when I was having weekly Taxol, saying I was losing some of my hair, & had lost more from one side than the other. Someone suggested it was because I had a brain on one side & not the other! Di PS Apparently the side with more hair had brain.

  • Brilliant! I never had a chat with anyone on my chemo ward-everyone had individual cubicles.

  • Chatty lot in Winchester which was lovely as it was my first time. Six of us having chemo in the room and all of us with November birthdays, 4 of us on consecutive days! Spooky 😆

  • Ooh and the man next to me had the same birthday as me....

  • Brilliant 😂

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