Raising Awareness in Manchester

I have just returned from Manchester where with the help of the local ROCC we had a stand at the Nursing in Practice stand at the Bridgewater Hall.

We were inundated with nurses (including those working in general practice as well as students health visitors, district nurses etc) wanting to know about ovarian cancer. Many nurses took part in our quiz to learn about the topic and as usual many were very surprised by the answers. We almost completely ran out of all the BEAT material we took for the event( which was good as it is less to bring back) and we left feeling that it had been a very successful event. Many nurses had no information about ovarian cancer in their work place so it was satisfying to know we had helped spread the word.

We repeat the event again in London in September so if anyone is interested in helping do get in touch with the office

Ruth P

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  • Great News thank you for the information love x G x :-)

  • Well done! When is the one in London? It depends what date, but I'd like to come along if I can.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Its Tuesday 3rd September. Hope you can join us


  • Thanks, Ruth. Will let you know. It'll depend on hols

    Love W xx

  • Living in Chester I wish I'd known about the Manchester one :-(

  • Am in High Peak, likewise!! Sx

  • Me too I only live 2 miles away from Bridgewater Hall

  • Sorry that we can't contact everyone - there is only room for one or two people at the event and the first people we contact are the ROCC in the area which we did. Next time we are up in Manchester we will try and let you know what is happening


  • I should be ok to do this one Ruth. Will contact the office.

    Mary x

  • Thanks Ruth ,

    Shocking to see that so many nurses do not have OC information in their work place but not surprising really ..... number of places that I have been to that have nothing on OC is not acceptable ......The message needs spreading ...

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Ruth

    Oh dear that's quite scary. So a great thing to have done. Strikes me that its something to replicate elsewhere - in your view would it be essential to have yourself or an experienced OC nurse or CNS present if so? I would feel exposed to do something like this without it, probably


  • Living in Stockport if I had known this was happening I would have come along to help. I have run my own awareness raising event with our MP at local library before. Anyway glad it went well

    Francesca x

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