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Ladies lunch club

Hi Ladies

Being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and going through 2 lots of chemo has been a life changing experience for me. Going from a full time working in the city type of person to sharply having to stop and have a change of direction was quite isolating.... But I soon found my feet and thought that there must be so many ladies going through the same thing. So I have set up a Ladies Lunch Club who meet in Hertford once a month, it isn't just for ovarian cancer ladies, although there are 3 of us in the group, but for any form of cancer. Take a look at our website and see if this would be something that any of you may benefit from if you are in the Herfordshire or Essex counties... Its been such a boost for me and I have met so many wonderful like minded ladies who are going through what we are all going through......

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Hi Michelle ,

What a wonderful idea-I wish I lived nearby.

I go out for lunch a lot with friends but would love to meet people in similar situations who live near me.

Anyone interested who lives in/near Leeds please contact me

Anne x


What a great idea Of Michelle's! I live in York Anne and I would be up for such an idea! There is a support group in York but it meets at the hospital and I spend enough time there!

I have Ovarian and breast cancer! Totally unconnected! The breast lump ( removed a week ago) was a primary! Next treatment will be radiotherapy at Jimmy's probably starting at the end of February!



Hi Margaret, Breast & Ovarian cancer often indicates an inherited BRCA gene mutation. I am sure that your doctors have raised this with you. Kind regards, Adele


I have been tested and I am not carrying the mutations!


Ah, good news Margaret! :-)


Welcome to our club Michelle,

Such a good idea, but I live in Chester, anyone else that lives in or near Chester?

Thanks for sharing love x G x :-)


Great idea, Michelle! Anyone interested who is living in Essex? We could vary venues, north and south. Do get in touch if you're interested!

Love Wendy xx


Chichester area ave the Ovacome group that meet once a month. Anyone welcome... If you feel like joining us let me know.



Hi Viv I live in Emsworth and would be really keen to meet up with your group

Amanda xxxx


Dear Michelle

Thanks for your inspirational blog. I'm looking to set up a support group in the Cardiff area with another member of Ovacome and two other ladies. I'd love to find out more about what worked and what you'd recommend as good practice viz a viz speakers and how you found a suitable venue.

I'm impressed with your website. I wouldn't know where to start to create a web presence and really need to sort that out to publicise our programme.

Would be great to pick your brains on all this.

love Anniexxx


Hi Michelle

Brilliant idea. I've always wanted to belong to something like this. I only work part time now and although I have friends I meet up with most of them work full time. I live in the Southampton area, edge of the New Forest but have never found anyone else on this site who is near.

Love and hugs Chris x


There was a ROCC who used to visit patients in the chemo unit at Southampton Hospital. You can get your local ROCCs name and contact details from Ovacome via the website She may be able to organise this. Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Hi Chris I live in Emsworth and until my diagnosis and chemo worked at the general, I hope to get back to work but at the moment am off work. I believe there is a group that meets in Portsmouth but I haven't joined in as yet and I see a Chichester group too now thanks to Viv. I see from the locations that there are quite a few people around the New Forest but not all of them post so not sure if they will see a request for a group. I come over to meet friends in Southampton from time to time perhaps we could meet up for a coffee one day it's always good to have things in the diary to look forward to

Love and hugs

Amanda xx


Hi Amanda, bit delayed in getting back to you, been having computer problems and also work on Mondays and Tuesdays so not much time to blog. Would be nice to meet up for coffee sometime, if I can work out how to private message I will send you my mobile number and then when you fancy coming to Southampton we could meet up if I'm free.

Take Care

Chris x x


Hi Michelle

Well done looking at the replies it seems that quiet a few ladies would be interested in having a lunch club, it would be nice to see the bodies that go with the faces on this site.

As you see we seem to be well spread out I usually look to see if anyone lives close to me but not everyone puts their location Personal choice which has to be respected. I am in the

Leicestershire area having moves from Cheshire, Any suggestions I would be interested.

Regards Barbara


Hi Mitchelle,

Brilliant idea, I meet with friends form work regularly and it is a great chance to catch up on all the news.

Anyone living in the oxford area fancy meeting for a coffee, lunch or afternoon cuppa for a chat and a bit of support it would be nice to meet up.

I was diagnosed last june stage 3 oc, have had 2 lots of surgery and have just finished my chemo. Last session last week so feeling a bit exhausted but know it wont last too long.

Look forward to hearing back from any oxford area ladies

Best wishes




Hi Lorraine... I am a ROCC in Berkshire,and am setting up a support group. Starting next week on 30/01/13... eastberkshire-ovariancancer... oxford is not too far on the M40 I go there frequently... Luv Gill


Well ladies this is great to see so many of you feeling the same way. We are looking to grow Brafternoon lunch clubs around the country, if anyone is interested in setting up a group in your area, then please look at the web to contact Anita to enquire how we can do this......


Well done Michelle


Always really useful to talk to anyone in same or similar situation.

Anyone in Bristol/Bath area???

Great idea!!


Really good idea,

I am North Manchester, would love to meet up with others in the area,



hi good idea. ... anyone near scottish borders... lake district or newcastle way???



I am near Newcastle and would be interested.



This is a fantastic blog. There are so many people who would like to meet up - but not everyone is reading the blogs at the same time. Let's hope lots of us connect up locally.

There's also Members' Day in May when we will have a chance to 'put the body to the face' as Barbara says.

There are a group of us meeting up on the Friday before Members' Day as we live out of London and we need overnight accommodation in order to attend the event on 18th May. If anyone would like to join the informal evening get-together/dinner on Friday 17 May please send me a PM and I'll give you the details. A few of us in Cardiff are getting together to form a local support group. I've met a few members recently at meetings organised by Ovacome and getting together in our local area and it's been brilliant. Good luck to all of you in different parts of the UK who are meeting up.

xxx love Annie


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