Feeling deflated

I had my surgeon appointment today ready for my op at Southend hospital on 9th May.  As my last CA was 26 I was not expecting any problems.   However,  as one of the tumours on my peritonean is on my liver I have to have the op at the Royal London where liver specialists are on standby if needed.  I don't have a date so start a 4th cycle of chemo on Wednesday.   He is pleased with progress so far as is the oncologist but I've taken it as bad news and with no reason I know.  Now I have to gear myself up for a new  op date.  Sorry ladies but felt the need to rant.

Tracey x

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  • Hi Tracey, 

    You need to be in the best place and if that means changing appts then it's best for that to happen. I understand how you are feeling because you get a date in your head and that's it. 

    I just had my 4th chemo as my surgery has been put for the 17th may. I was told I may get my op after the 3rd so was disappointed things didn't happen when I thought they would. 

    On a positive note you will have the surgeons in hand and your 4th chemo out the way. Try to see this as positive. 

    Are you having ultra radical surgery?? There are only certain appts for this I am told so I'm sure they are seeing you as soon as they can. 

    Let us know the date of your op and in the mean time try and stay positive. 


  • Thank you for understanding.  I seem to get information in dribs and drabs.  I never knew until today I had a lot of disease in my peritonean.  As far as I know I'm having full hysterectomy and omentum removal and by the sounds of it tumours burnt out or cut out.  I'm hoping the surgeon at the royal London will be easier to talk to.  I expect I'll have to travel to london for an appt with surgeon and pre op assessment. Hoping it will happen at the end of fourth cycle.  Good luck for 17th May.  Let me know how you get on.  Mine could even be around that time.  Tracey x

  • I'm the same have tumours in my peritoneum that needs to be cut out, that's why the surgery is slightly different. I'm having mine done at city hospital in Nottingham. I will let you know how it goes. Xx

  • Hi rant completely understandable. Medics take these things in their stride where as for us it's a big deal. Let's hope you get a date soon. Glorious sunshine this morning try to look up and enjoy


  • It is very hard when you are geared up and the goal posts are moved but most important to have the best team operate and meanwhile Chemo is killing more of the buggers. I had my last op in London and it went really well. Good luck x

  • Hi Tracey

    I had my surgery at Leeds and not local hospital. Full hysterectomy,Omentectomy and removal of visible signs of cancer in peritoneum. 

    I guess you're going to the best centre of excellence. But know how you feel,anxious and just want to get on with the op. 

    Wishing you all the best

    Judy x

  • Thank you everyone.  New day, sunshine and in a better mood.  It's nice to know we are not alone. Tracey x

  • You have a rant. Sometimes this disease needs shouting at 😀 The Royal London is a good hospital. Better to be in the best place with experts on hand. You never know you might bump into someone from call the midwife! 😉

  • Haha.  It's the last thing I will need though.  Thank you xx

  • Totally understand the need to rant. Take care and good luck. Xxx

  • Totally understandable to be disappointed by delay and change of hospital but as others have already said you will be getting the best possible care. I was transferred to St Thomas's Hospital and was disappointed at having to wait longer than expected for my op, but everything worked out well in the end, so I am sure you will have a similar experience.

    Wishing you all the best for your remaining chemo and for the op whenever it happens,


  • Hi there, I also had a large tumour on my liver, my surgery was delayed due to this as my gynie consultant/surgeon wanted a liver expert there. It was worrying at the time but was the right thing as I needed a liver resection and the liver team were there to support. I know it's more waiting but it is the right thing having the experts in the room with you. 

    Wishing you all the very best & a short wait xxx

  • Thank you.   I've got my head round it today and these messages help.   Tracey xx

  • Hi Tracey, I know you are disappointed about the delay as I'm sure you've been getting organised for that date.    I do hope you understand that they are looking after you well by ensuring that the necessary specialists will be available if required.  Your new date will not be long on coming round I'm sure.  Ann xo

  • The rollercoaster of emotions that this disease brings is hard to manage.  But it sounds like good news to me. They want to do the very best for you that they can. They want a specialist on hand.

  • Rant away! I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you but it is good that you are being looked after well........If Royal London is the best place for you, then I'd go. Try and stay positive- thinking of you. x

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