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Hi All. I have stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had a full hysterectomy, part of my colon removed and part of my stomach lining. I started chemo and my CA125 was going down pretty fast and I was so excited. On round 4 my doctor told me my CA125 was going up, round 5 up again. They are going to try two more rounds with a different chemo and if my CA125 hasn't gone done they said I'm probably platinum resistant. My doctor is talking about immunotherapy if I can't do the chemo anymore. Has anyone had this treatment and what kind of immunotherapy and is it working?



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  • Sorry Remm, I don't know anything about immunotherapy but I hate seeing no replies! I presume it's fairly rare or new for treating OC.

    All the very best - I hope they reign the cancer in for you soon.

    Sandra X x

  • Thanks Sandra, it's all so confusing.

  • I am platinum resistant and not heard of this but will try to find out at my next appointment. Will report back.


  • Thanks. My doctor said it's a new treatment they've been working on and getting good results. I will report back to you when and if I start it.

  • Where will you be having treatment if you start it? I am at The Christie. Not been any mention of it last time I was there last week and funnily enough I was asking about future treatments down the line open to me. Keep me informed

  • I will be getting it in California if that's what we decide to do. I go to a cancer center in Santa Rosa.

  • I don't think it is available in UK but will ask

  • Hi Karen, have they given you a scan yet to see if the disease is shrinking? I don't know as anything about immunotherapy but will try to find out. I'm pretty certain that there are some ladies on this forum who are platinum resistant. You could try telephoning the nurses on the Ovacome helpline. They are pretty knowledgeable and may be able to explain it to you. Their number will be on the website. Good luck. Ann xo

  • Hi Ann, yes they did do a scan and don't see anything new but my numbers keep going back up. I just had a chemo treatment last week I can only have one every 3 weeks so I'm hoping the CA125 is going back down. Thanks I will give the nurses a call.

  • Are you in America?

  • Yes I am.

  • Not available here then. I will still ask about it though. Good luck.

  • Here's a website you can go to for some information.

  • Hello, Karen,

    Immunotherapy covers various drugs and ways to treat the disease.

    Here's a good overview of it:

  • Thanks I was trying to research it but there are a few different types.

  • American

  • I went to my doctors appointment on Friday scared to find out how high my CA125 was now and if I was platinum resistant. To my surprise and the doctors too my count was down to 17. I was so excited and relieved at the same time. We are going to do 2 more chemo treatments just to be safe and go from there. The doctors thinks my CA125 was rising due to infection. My incision hasn't healed completely yet and every once in awhile gets irritated and infected. Hopefully when I'm done with chemo it will heal all the way. It's nice to have good news for once and hoping for a break for awhile.

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