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Platinum resistant

After six long months of second line chemo with cisplatin I have been told that it did absolutely nothing and that I am platinum resistant. Was on Gemzar with cisplatin but that was stopped after six doses as nausea was so bad. Oncologist now recommending Taxol for 18 doses. Just getting a bit stressed at the thought that my choices of chemo are now limited.

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HI Marn I am really sorry to hear that the treatment had no effect, what a blow to get because it probably wasnt very pleasant anyhow.. Did the bloods not show this all along ? Why didnt the onc change before now? Well the good side is that you have been offered another choice at the moment and I hope that this does the trick for you and get you into remisson for a while. I cant imagine anything worse. Can you take a small break to take the focus off the treatment before you start anew, maybe a few days away to rechange the batteries. Hopefully by the time this course is done, there will be some thing new for us in the pipe line. Sending you hugs


Hello Marn

I can understand that you must feel upset that the cisplatin did not work. However, you must not give up hope.

Weekly taxol can be very effective at keeping it in check. I know how you feel about having limited options but that is not the case. There are a number of different chemos still open to you and they are discovering new treatments all the time. I strongly believe in the mind/body connection and I really hope that your general health is good too.

Best of luck xxx


Marn , so sorry that this is happening to you ...feels like a nightmare, I am sure .

My fourth line was weekly taxol ...It means you are wedded to your hospital ...but it is a relatively short infusion if managed well hair thinned but didn' t go ...and In truth I found it manageable : as you know , we all react to these things in a different way . There are other drugs out there...I have recently struggled with the same feelings of " what next if this doesn't work ? " ....( now on caelyx after seven months off taxol ) ....and try to rest and eat well and get on with everyday life : hospital visits get slotted in to the new pattern of igsisting .

Someone said to me in the chemo ward that she looked at her chemo days , as going to work . I thought that was an interesting idea to contemplate .

Good luck with it all.x

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I had carboplatin last winter, and was told afterwards that I am also platinum resistant. I have recently finished a course of weekly taxol, and found it easier than the carbo, even though I was going to Cambridge for treatment more often. I don't know what choices I have left, but understand it's not the end of the road yet. While there are options available, there is hope of something having an effect.



Hi Marn, am so sorry to hear that, chemo is difficult enough but it's a blow when it doesn't work. My mam's first line was carbo taxol which was working up until half way but failed after that, which we found out when she finished the course. She had some success with Caelyx, found gemcitabine tolerable but it didnt leave her chemo free for long, and is now on avastin and cyclophosphamide and is doing ok. There are other drugs, and if I understand correctly, you may become suitable for platinum based chemo again in time. Its a big shock, but chin up, and one day at a time. Very best wishes.



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