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My mom has oc 3A low grade

Hello !

I am here for my mother and I want to tell to all you something about my mother situation.

She had the ovarian cancer diagnosis in June, its 3A, low grade and estrogen fed.

The cancer was surprise all of us because , mom just went to surgery cause she have ovarian cyst.

The first surgery fails ( she have so much cutting tissue of birth sections ) and about in may was the second, I remember. They cut off things what usually are cutting of when woman have advanced ovarian cancer.

The day after last surgery , gyn professor congratulated my mom because NOTHING was left.

2 weeks later , my mom had a phone call and the diagnosis was oc.

Doctors said that is so unusual when caught this disease this early, that's makes lot of things much easier.

She doesn't have much cancer cells in her abdomen, just a little bit. Also they found NOTHING in her ovarian cyst or anywhere, just in the abdomen, like 10-30 cells.

And her ca-125 is all the time about 5-10. Its never been high .. I have 21 but I have nothing, so strange.

The doctors are pretty sure that all the cancer in stomach are gone when 6 rounds of chemo is done. Doctors also said that usual this kind of cancer , they don't do pet-scan or nothing else scanning to see are there cancers left, because its 'clear' that there are not left anything, I don't know do I wanna believe that?? But they do it to my mom cause she are so stressed of all.

She start also hormone therapy to remove estrogen production, when chemo is done. Its all-day pill to the end of the life.

Her own doctor said that the cancer may never be back cause the cancer what my mother have , is so unusual and so little.

They said prognosis is good.

What do u think?

The problem is that , I am so sad all the time. I dont know why..

I trying to get pregnant with my husband like over a 1,5 year, but all this stress is killing me, like seriously, I have therapist and all this. I dont know what I get all this writing but its make my feels easier, sorry about that.

Please comment if u have the same disease what my mom have , please tell me. <3

( Sorry my bad english , I'm from Finland, I tried to my best )

xx love


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Hi N. Firstly I have to say your English is very good! You sound like a very lovely caring daughter who is obviously anxious about her mum. If the Drs say your mum has a good prognosis then I would believe them. There are no guarantees with this disease but the very fact that her CA125 levels (like yours) is well within normal levels and has been throughout the whole process is very good news!

Have you spoken to your Dr about feeling sad? You're trying for a baby and it's not happening. Years ago I went through a similar thing and I think the more you worry about it not happening then it doesn't. Eventually I got an appointment to see a fertility expert and about 3 months before the appointment I found out I was pregnant!

I know that this sounds an odd thing to say but please try not to worry about your mum, worrying won't change anything and you will miss out on making happy memories. Hopefully writing down what you have all been through will help you to move on.

Take Care, I wish your mum well and hopefully you will be able to make her a grandmother soon. xx Kathy xx


Thanks Katmal!

Yes, I have spoken. We went together to cancer clinic in Helsinki and the dr there sayd that you all gonna die. That caused little mental trauma. I think just a bad dr...

This makes cry a little.

I think I have to make mood change .

Thanks again for your response.

Xx N

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Hi N,

It's lovely that you support your mum and I would implore you not to worry and put your trust in the experts.

I think you all need to relax and so far as you not getting pregnant, it is probably because you are so worried about your mum,but maybe take advice from the experts if you are at all worried.

None of us know what tomorow holds and I would advise all of you to get on with life now mum is getting better,

Wish you lots of love and best wishes

Carole xxx


Thanks! I try to make a mood change. Its hard but I think its worth it !

Xx N


I think your Mum is lucky to have you, Yes you do meet doctors who are blunt at times but I feel that your Mum did well with surgery. So now she will have six rounds of chemo to chase everthing away for good. I do hope that everything will go well and you are welcome to ask us any questions regarding the treatment or side effects when you know what medicines your Mum will be getting. We can help on tips to cope with side effects. If you have a Cancer Support Group near you, you may also find that helpful.

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Thank you !

Xx N


Hi Natalia,

Your English is superb. I am Polish and now I am gonna show you how bad English looks like ;-)

Believe the doctors. They know what are they saying. If the scans are ok, and there is no visible disease that means there is fantastic prognosis. The cells are so small that chemo will kill them all. Additionally low grade cancer is spreading very slowly. You can leave long happy life with disease. In your mum situation I believe the chemo will kill all cancer cells and thats it.

I had an high grade stage IIIc OC last year. Im 38 years old, mum of 6 years old boy. I had debulking surgery, cancer was spreaded into my organs. After drastic surgery and 6 sessions of chemo I am ok now. Actually awaiting for breast removal and recontruction (as I am BRCA1 carrier). I am scarried, i am affraid of cancer coming back and hitting me even stronger and I am sad very often. And thats normal and you are allowed to feel sad and unsure as well. Just dont do it to often! You must be positive for you and your mum, you must be strong and you must believe that everything its gonna be ok!

Thinking of you

Zaneta from hairlessbeauty.co.uk


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Thanks Z :)

Im so happy that you are OK now, makes me superhappy about these survive stories !!

Me and my mom trying our best and kick the cancer away , thanks of this encourage!

Xx N

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Hi N

I just read your post and all the replies and I really think that your mother has been given very positive news. They have said prognosis is good and it may never be back and many women never hear those happy words . I know the treatment was difficult but so worth it for the end result. You are a really good daughter but now you must start thinking of you too. Caring for parents is a stressful job as many of us find. Just relax knowing that your mother is in good hands and even when she finishes treatments she will be monitored regularly. As for the curt doctor unfortunately a few do exist who could do with going to charm school ! I wish your mother the best of luck for the future and I also wish for you that your dream of being a mother will become a reality . Take care



Thanks so so much , makes my heart warm !

I will, thanks!



You are so welcome Nataliaaa. Keep in touch.



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