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Platinum resistance

Hi. I'm confused and upset by my Mom's doctor's decision that my mom is platinum resistant. Her CA125 dropped quite a lot the first few treatments and then we can to drop much slower, sometimes seeming to stay the same for a few times and then finally dropping just a little bit. She did however get to normal after we pushed them to let her have one more treatment (they will usually only do 6-8). They then said she was in remission, but after two months they decided by her CA125 and cat scan that the cancer had never really got away after all. They now say she's platinum resist. I read online that an oncologist in Texas will do 10-12 treatments on some patients and that helps them get into remission. Also we just found out from her doctor that Taxol was causing the neuropathy not the carboplatin. So I wonder whether she could've continued on the carboplatin alone since her neuropathy is the reason they wouldn't let her have her treatment.

... I'm also confused because her second chemo medicine didn't seem to work at all but they kept insisting on just one more treatment to make sure she gets the "full benefit" ... It would always make me wonder how we know she got the full benefit of carboplatin.

Her second medicine was topatican, then gemcitaben and her numbers are much higher than they were on the first medicine combination. They are now going to add in carboplatin with the gemcitaben. I am glad. I have faith the platinum drug will work for her. I am still upset they didn't do it for more treatments at the beginning. I am worried I'll always be haunted by the "what if" if whether that would have been the best for her. I just hope and pray that the carboplatin will work for her now with the gemcitaben.

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I'm sorry you haven't had a reply as yet. I'm sure you will but just a warm hello from me. Xx


Thank you so much Tina. That means a lot to me that you reached out. Ok so glad to have found this forum. It seems like people actually interact with each other unlike other forums I've seen. How are you? Are you fighting ovarian cancer or supporting someone who is?


Hi Nicole7, sorry I can't answer your question but I just wanted to say hi. I originally had borderline in 2012 that progressed to low grade earlier this year. I'm currently having Carboplatin and the plan is to out me on Letrozole afterwards. I'm sure someone on here will be able to answer your questions soon, xx


Hi doodoolatrice. Thank you for welcoming me to the site. I send my best wishes to you during your treatment. I haven't heard the term borderline before. Does that refer to the grade of the cancer?


Hi Nicole 7, borderline means the cells are somewhwre in between benign and cancerous and it's also slow growing. Xx


Oh ok. Thank you for sharing that information with me. I'll ne thinking of you and hoping your treatment goes well and you feel well.


Well, I don't think of it as fighting. I think that if it's seen as a war and somebody loses the battle, then some of us are more heroic than others. And I don't believe that's true.

I think that we each deal with it in our own ways. And not one way is better than the other.

I have PPC/Ovarian. It's a hard thing as it's advanced but I know some others have had more treatments than me and I know that's a lot harder. I think there's nothing I can be given but my hubbie doesn't agree. We're seeing my oncologist soon and he's going to ask the questions this time and I'm staying quiet. No doubt, when we get to the car park afterwards, we won't agree on what was actually said. I think he has a selective memory.

You know, adding more treatments can really have an effect on normal cells as well as the cancer, and doctors have to make a decision based on the benefits set against the toxic toll. So, one of the 'What ifs?' could be about how will your Mom would feel after a long regime.

I wish you and your Mom well. Xxx



Your answer is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I think that, like me, your husband holds on more to the positive things he hears. We have to. If it would be helpful for you to discuss treatment options later, you could ask your doctor if you could record visits.

Thank you for reminding me that the doctors are always doing their best and keeping my mom's health and normal cells in mind. That brings me comfort to challenge myself against the 'what ifs.'

You'll be in my thoughts and I wish you well, too.



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