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Did anyone gained Post Op?

I know it may sound stupid, but I just wanted to know if anyone here gained weight they weight not went back to normal, post op? I gained some weight post op and it kind of worries me because I know one of the symptoms for this is weight gain and I'm scared it came back. since last time, It wasn't as big as before pre-op but Just wanted to see if people did too.

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Not post-op, but slapped on a stone post-chemo! Think it was the steroids. At my check-ups nobody seems to care - they're more worried about you losing weight.

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I've put on weight since chemo. Can't shift it but to be honest figure I've bigger things to worry about than extra weight lol. Ann x


I've put on weight post chemo too, and my oncologist is more worried about weight loss than gain

Dawn xx


I've really loaded the weight on during 2nd line chemo and now struggling to get it off again. I too think steroids played their part as I had to have high doses to avoid reacting to Carbo. It's true, while on Chemo the Doctors and nurses don't mind you putting weight on. Got to really get my head in gear to get it off again!

Annette xxx


Yes I did - after second lot of surgery, then emergency hernia surgery, then chemo.

When there was no sign of it just going away and none of my clothes fitted, I started doing the 5:2 diet.

I've been doing it now (excluding holidays, xmas and so on) for about a year and am slowly if steadily going down and feel very well with it. I got very bored with calorie counting so now use calorie counted recipes for our 2 days low calorie days and have some very delicious ones if you want to give it a try. My husband does it too and my son gets double rations. Everyone's happy. Also trying to walk faster as I'm not very good at specific exercise.


thanks ladies! yes I think that is true they prefer it than loosing weight. I didn't undergo chemo,just surgeries though.


Hi I had surgery last November and had no other treatment since as there is no evidence of disease at last appointment results. Have to return in September. I have not weighed myself but clothes tell me I have put on weight. This has been a lifetime problem for me. So I've not been concerned about it. I'm now wondering if I should be worried. A past problem with sciatica has returned over the last week getting worse this week. Is it my weight or something more worrying?

Sorry not much help for you

Aemi x


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