3 weeks post op

Hello everyone

It is 3 weeks since my 2nd op ... this time removal of uterus, cervix, omentum and remaining ovary.

I have been struck how different my recovery has been from the 1st op when I was admitted by ambulance and had an emergency laparotomy and removal of an ovary the size of a grapefruit. When that happened no-one even mentioned the possibility of cancer and it didn't occur to me for a moment because I'm not the kind of person that gets cancer.

I recovered well and, because the hospital lost my ovary, I happily returned to normal life. When,after 3 months, (this is how I imagine it) someone spotted my great big ovary sat on a shelf in a jar and thought, 'Shit ... we'd better give her a ring!' everything changed.

This time my recovery has been hindered by knowledge and the fear of more knowledge. I'm not sure what I am trying to say with this post ... I am just thinking out loud to other women who might be having similar jumbled feelings. I have an appointment on monday for histology results. I am also awaiting an appointment with the breast clinic as I have a lump that requires further investigation.

I have been reading all your wonderful brave posts over the past few weeks and wasn't going to write again myself until after Monday but felt that I wanted to share my thoughts today ... however slippery they are.

Kate xx

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  • Hello Kate,

    First of all well done getting through the surgery! I had the same two surgery's as you though my first surgery was not emergency! I found that physically I recovered well but there were some really bad days as you said with knowledge swimming around in my head, that didn't help at all especially in the few weeks waiting for results. I found that waiting for results etc in my opinion a type of torture!! I would say try to take your mind off it, go for a walk, to the cinema and all of those things will help but there is really nothing that will take away that dread completely! You don't have much longer to wait and whatever happens you will get through it!

    Mind yourself and keep us posted! Best of luck on Monday.


  • Thank you. And I want to say how gorgeous your hair is ... I really enjoyed that post! Kx

  • Ah thanks! I remember what it was like when I lost my hair so I just want others to see that it does grow back eventually!

    Best of luck on Monday again!!


  • What a story of course you emotions are all over the place. There are so many wonderful ladies on this site that have been in a similar situation and for me it helps to share and talk things through. The support on here is amazing and gets you past the dark times. All the best for your results. Let us know how it goes.

  • Thank you Shellygirl... I will post again next week. Kx

  • Hi Kate

    The thing that struck me from your post was THEY LOST YOUR OVARY? I'm staggered! Glad the op went well and that you are recovering well. Remember to take it easy. Please let us know how you get on on Monday, hope you get good news. Kathy xx

  • I do feel for you Kate, but I had to chuckle at your description of them finding a giant ovary in a shelf and acting accordingly! Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but sometimes knowledge is power (maybe I should become a philosopher 🤔). I hope that whatever news you get from the histology, you also get a plan of what happens next and can work with it. Sending you a huge virtual hug xxx

  • I know it's not funny, but I couldn't help laughing at the bit about the big ovary sat on a shelf in a jar. Wishing you well for Monday. X

  • I hope you are taking it easy post surgery, you shouldnt be doing any heavy lifting etc. It is normal to worry about results etc but I think D said it all, take it easy and try not to worry too much. Get out when you can to distract your thoughts. For at the moment these are just thoughts not facts

  • Wow! I love your sense of humour, I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time,I will be thinking of you on Monday and hope you get good results.xx

  • Kate - your description certainly made me chuckle, particularly as I'm now 3 days (just) post op for removal of my 'gigantic' ovary, tube, appendix & biopsies of my omentum. Your description sounded like what I envisaged when my gynae onc told me she had trouble getting my monster ovary out!!

    I'm wishing you well for Monday. The wait is always the worst. I haven't got my post-op appointment yet but think MDT will meet on Wed. I'm finding the recovery after this op strangely better than first (when I had the tumour removed) not sure why...maybe because I half know what we're dealing with now whereas before, we all just assumed it was a large 'cyst'!

    I hope you're recovery continues well & good luck for Monday. I'll be thinking of you xx

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