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Post op

Hi there,

I'm just over 3 weeks post op and still feeling very sore. I have experienced a new pain under my right hand side rib when I move. I'm putting this down to using muscles again? Is this normal?

I also saw my onc and he is starting me on avastin for 18 sessions. I know I should be pleased I have been offered it, but feel worried about the side effects, what should I expect??

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Hi, can't advise, i was never offered it. xx


I was put on Avastin when i had my first recurrence in Jan 2015, and can honestly say its been pretty easy going. The only thing ive had is a bit of occasional bunged up sinusey feeling which is quite manageable. I have heard that joint aches and pains can also be a problem, but I cant comment on that as I suffer from quite severe arthritis in my knees anyway. Based on my experience, if you have been offered it, I would go for it. Good wishes in whatever you decide. Ali xx


Hi millie, I was put on avastin after my last chemo. To be honest I didn't have many side effects, just a bit bunged up a bit tired and a bit of muscle ache but nothing drastic. Sadly I had to come off it ad my c125 was rising so now back on chemo. But I know a lot of people on this site that avastin worked for them. I wouldn't worry too much about the pain as it is early days after your op. Hope this helps a bit and good luck with the avastin. Best wishes Julie xx


Hi Millie I was on the Avastin trial back in 2007/2008. i received it once every three weeks and worked full time which should give you an idea of how mild the symptoms are or maybe I was just lucky. One thing that seems to be consistent is a 'snotty' nose with small nose bleeds. Your still early days after a major op so aches and pains are to be expected. Take it easy and try not to do too much . Kathy xx


I had sessions of Avastin but at the same to me as taxol/carbo. I can't say I was any different from the taxo/carbon alone. I've got 14 more sessions of Avastin now op is done but not in the first chemo session after surgery. I think some people have reported a hoarse voice and runny nose but nothing too drastic.

I'm sure the new pain is muscle related. Our bodies are completely invaded during this op. Take care and I think Avastin is a positive.

Tracey xx


Hi Millie

You've had a lot of bits removed, so I think some discomfort can be expected. I recall having a particular pain for about a week, then I suppose the inner bits settle into place.

I'm on Avastin. I totally and thoroughly recommend it. I went on it with my first recurrence: for 6 months I had Caelyx/Carbo and Avastin. After the 6 months I continued on Avastin indefinitely, as long as it keeps working for me. I'm still on it - now about 13 months after finishing the chemo (so around 19 months altogether). I'd never had raised blood pressure but it's a common side-effect of Avastin. Your blood pressure has to be below 140 - tested prior to every infusion, so I had to go on a 1/2 tablet of Olmetec per day (the only medication I take). Avastin also gives me hayfever most mornings, then usually clears up for the day, but does seem a bit worse while eating - always need hankies with you. I do get a croaky voice from time to time but my onc says that's caused by the Caelyx I was on - damages the vocal chords apparently. Some people have aches & pains, I read on here, but it's never been a problem for me. Occasionally, on the day of the infusion, I may become very tired or feel a bit queasy, but it never lasts beyond 24 hours - not that long even.

Avastin works, I believe, by narrowing the blood vessels that would feed blood to the tumours. Grab it while the going's good !

Good luck. Pauline


Hi I have been on Avast in since October 14 first with combo of carbo plain and feminine for 18weeks the Avast in alone for 21sessions every 3weeks I have had no issues really apart from sinus problems and achy feet which as some one suggested can be helped by soaking in Epsom salts,my oncologist said that if my body can tolerate it they were happy for me to carry on, so I think you should give it some consideration if you are offered this drug Pam x just read this back and the other drug with carbo eas gemcitabine x


I have had pain under my right rib for many years and they find nothing to be causing it. If anyone finds an answer for this, I would like to know. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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