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Re: Covid Vaccine: (Oxford AstraZenica Vaccine) and treatment with Avastin?


Hello ladies....I was wondering if anyone has had the Covid vaccine? - (Oxford AstraZenica Vaccine) whilst on Avastin / Bevucizumab? I've been asked if I want to have it as I'm considered clinically vunerable due to having cancer treatment (I've finished Chemo 3 months ago and now continuing on Avastin / Bev., treatment for alone. I'm a bit nervous of having the vaccination as I already have M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which i've had for years and I'm experiencing worse Flu-like symptoms, fatigue and joint pains on the Avastin treatment. My CSN nurse said it's best to have the vaccine 2 weeks after an Avastin treatment and 1 week before the next treatment if possible, as it'd give your immune system a chance to recover after an Avastin treatment. I wondered if any of you have had the Covid Oxford AstraZenica Vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine and what was your experience? Thanks in advance for any info. Regards, Debbie :-)

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I haven’t yet but I have been told to go ahead even on chemo... so I think you would be alright to have it on Avastin. It isn’t live so hopefully won’t mess with your other conditions xx

Doughnut21 in reply to Lyndy

Thank for your reply Lyndy...I hope all goes well with your chemo and the vaccination too. Best Wishes, Debbie

I had my vaccine Wednesday 20th Jan & am on Niraparib at present ( one of the criteria for the clinically vulnerable group). I think you need to talk to your oncologist about your concerns & then decide what you think is best for you.

I know about M.E. as my dear mother has suffered for over 25 years with it. Not saying I understand exactly how you feel but I understand how tough it can be with this health issue.

My mum has had her Covid vaccine too ( Friday 15th Jan) , is 81 & hasn’t had a great week following it.

I really hope the choice you make works for you & you don’t suffer from any side effects.

Take good care, Lynne xx

Hi just wondered which vaccines you both hadBest wishes


We’ve both had the Pfizer one. Best wishes xx

Hi Lynne, thanks for your reply...I hope your mum keeps as well as possible, having to cope with M.E. (which isn't easy!) do you know which Vaccine your mum had (was it Pfizer or Oxford Astra Zenica vaccines, as they apparently work in different ways on the immune system?) Best Wishes, Debbie

We’ve both had the Pfizer vaccine. All ok so far. I know my husband will have to have the Oxford one as he’s had an anaphylactic shock from nut allergy in the past xxx

Yes I had the first Pfizer vaccine on 22nd Dec while on Avastin, and had no side effects whatsoever. Unfortunately I missed the second due on 12th Jan because I was in hospital having a emergency bowl op laparotomy caused by adhesions from previous two ops. I just hope I can catch up with second one soon. Carolyn

Doughnut21 in reply to Holguin

Thanks for your reply Carolyn. Glad to hear the vaccine went ok. I hope you can catch up with the 2nd vaccine and all goes well for you.

I haven't yet come across anyone who has had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, cancer patient or not, they've all been given the Pfizer one so far, so I'm not entirely sure the Oxford vaccine is being dished out at all yet. That is the one I want too...


Jack1066 in reply to jwilliamsb

Oxford vaccine is being used

Everhope in reply to jwilliamsb

Three friends of mine had Oxford vaccine last week so it is definitely being used. Cx

jwilliamsb in reply to Everhope

Thanks - no one I know in West London has been given the Oxford one,but we were lagging behind on vaccinations in London until recently, maybe all they've had available has been the Pfizer. I see a text on my mobile came in this morning to offer a vaccine... I bet I can't find out beforehand which vaccine it will be, but I'm in the middle of exacerbated asthma and chest infection so am on antibiotics at the mo, so it will have to wait anyway.


delia2 in reply to jwilliamsb

Miriam, I hope you get better soon. Did you get tested for Covid?

jwilliamsb in reply to delia2

No, not this time - no symptoms of Covid at all, but I do frequently have chest infections and asthma, and that's what this feels like. I might order an at home test anyway today though.


citrine in reply to jwilliamsb

I had the Astra Zeneca in North London on Thursday.

jwilliamsb in reply to citrine

ooh, good news, maybe that's what I will get too, when I can have it,thanks.


Hi. I had the Moderna vaccine in the US, which is similar in action to Pfizer, while on Avastin. I had a very sore arm and flu like sysmptoms for 24 hours only. My best friend in the UK had the Pfizer vaccine on the same day as me and reported the exact same symptoms.

My parents and mother-in-law, all in the 80s, had the Oxford vaccine and never missed a beat.

Hope this helps,

Fiona X

I had the covid vaccine Pfizer .while on chemo doctor recommends vaccine after a chemo infusion

If its any help, one of the older ladies I know has Sjogrens (but no cancer) and she was given the Pfizer one last week- no side effects, other than a sore arm for a couple of hours. Two other over 80 neighbours had no side effects at all, but the nurse who takes my blood at Hammersmith hospital said he had chills for a couple of days after the first Pfizer jab...but he's younger, obviously.


I had the Oxford vaccine last Monday in Cheltenham with no side effects. I'm not currently on chemo but I certainly have a weakened immune system

I’ve had it and was fine . I’m not on treatment now as in remission but helping as a volunteer vaccinator so had the jab to protect me and the vulnerable patients . Avastin doesn’t knock your immune system like chemo does so it should be fine . Think if you have ME / CFS then it would be really important to protect yourself from catching covid with the vaccine - good luck x

I’m happy to say that I just had my first Pfizer vaccine. I am on Avastin and Oral Cyclophosphamide. I am not immunosuppressed at this time so hope to get the full 95%. Wishing everyone the best and continued safety. Nadie

Thanks everyone for your replies re: Vaccines. My G.P.'s practice have now contacted me to say that I can have the Oxford AstraZenica Vaccine at my home, as I'm still considered clinically vunerable whilst on this Avastin/ Immunotherapy treatment. (they're using the Oxford vaccine for home visits as it's transportable, as it doesn't have to be kept at such low freezer temperatures. They said a nurse will contact me in the next 1-2 weeks to arrange it. I've heard of other people in their 80's who've had both Pfizer and Oxford vaccines and all have been well. (Although some just felt a bit shivery or headaches for 24 hours only, but then fine after I'm feeling more confident about having it now!) Wishing you all the best and good health for the future. Debbie 😀

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