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Hello lovely ladies.. Just got home from having blood tests for my 5th chemo tomorrow and the Oncology Dr has said I'd have after my 6th chemo I will have a further 12 cycles of Avastin every 3 weeks...currently having Paclitaxel, Carboplatin and Avastin - I was diagnosed 3C at Christmas. I was somewhat taken aback as nobody had mentioned further treatment and I thought I was having a CT scan after my 6th chemo with a 4-6 week window. Also after surgery I had a blood clot on my right lung and now have Fragmin injections which will also continue during the next 12 cycles of Avastin. Has anyone else or is anyone else going through these further cycles of Avastin? Another thought will my hair start to grow with just Avastin, have you been ok to drive with just Avastin? 

Love Michelle x

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  • Hi there

    I found avastin great. Hair grows, you can drive it's very non-invasive. I had it with 2nd line chemo and then avastin on its own.  If you have any questions please ask away - best wishes - Trish 

  • Hi Trish

    Great that's all good news....I was rather stunned when it was mentioned.

    Thanks, Michelle x

  • Hi there, I also had Avastin, with and after Gemzar.  I finished it in October.  Side effects were minimal, just annoying ones to be honest.  Nose issues and foot pain,  All gone now at the moment.   There is a risk of dvt as there is for any cancer treatment or illness.  I would think just be sure you dont cut yourself while on those injections.  You cannot have extractions or biopsies while on Avastin.  Hope that helps.

  • Thank you Suzuki that's good to hear in advance x

  • Hi Michelle

    I am on Avastin following chemo and surgery. It is much easier than chemo, my hair is growing and I feel great...I am driving from Essex to Bristol at the weekend.

    They have to apply for Avastin to be funded under the Cancer Drug Fund and you only get one shot at it after your first line chemo. It works to stop blood vessels forming to supply new tumours ...effectively stopping the cancer just growing again. I met a lady at the TOC day in Norwich who missed out twice on Avastin and feels very bitter that she didn't benefit from it.

    I would say if you are offered it give it a try. Xx Lyndall

  • Hi Lyndall I'm so pleased to hear it's easier and glad you feel great! Thank you for replying Love Michelle x

  • I am on Avastin after 6 lots of taxol/carboplatin - they started it with chemo 4 and it will continue till I've had 18 lots.  I finished main chemo on March 10th.  Hair now growing back, no noticeable effects from Avastin except slightly raised blood pressure this last cycle.  I'm hoping it's keeping things under control - CA125 is now at 20, having started at 10,500!  Was at a 'do' today where a lot of people didn't know I'd had cancer, and was told I was looking fab.  It's been an odd sort of makeover, but heigh ho ...!

  • Hi Harpist I'm pleased to hear no noticeable side effects. Lovely compliments too and you deserve them.  I was just surprised when the Doctor mentioned it but yes of course I'll continue if it all helps. Thank you again xx

  • Hi

    I'm on 10th avastin treatment. 8 more to go!

    Apart from runny,irritating nose and dry throat, nothing else of note. My hair is growing back

    Best wishes


  • Hi Judy yes I have the runny nose and croaky voice now...I'm pleased to hear your hair is growing wig just aggravates my skin. Thanks for replying Michelle x

  • Hi Michelle, 

    Did u have surgery first? Or after 3 chemo? U seam loads further in front of me. 

    I was diagnosed 3c end of Jan and have just had my 4th chemo with op on 17th may. 

    Nobody has mentioned avastin to me?? 

    Is it administered like chemo, is it injections, is it tablets? 

    I know if they offer it it is for a reason so best to accept it I suppose, but it doesn't help with the countdown to the end of chemo does it??

    I'm going to google it!!!

    I will ask my consultant about it. 

    Good news the hair still grows back but bad news about the runny nose. 

    Looking forward to reading the replies people send you. Thanks for your post. 

    Mandy, xx

  • Hi Mandy

    I had surgery on 29th December and first chemo started on 4th Feb with Carbo and Taxel only.  Avastin followed later as they can't give it to you until 8 weeks after surgery.  All 3 drugs are via IV..side effects have been runny nose, nose bleeds, head spinning/dizziness, itchy skin, sleepless nights now on sleeping pills.  I've now had 2 chemos postponed due to my white blood count being too low and now on injections to accelerate the blood cells...but that didn't work this time so now chemo is going to be 4 weeks and not 3 weeks.

    Best wishes, Michelle x

  • Hi

    I can empathise with your surprise about continuing with Avastin after your initial chemo.

    My original plan was to be 4 sessions of chemo which was carbo/taxol/avastin. Followed by surgery and then 4 more sessions of the same chemo.

    As it was I actually had 6 sessions of the chemo, surgery and then 4 more chemos. I thought that was it but my Oncologist and Surgeon felt that my response to treatment had been better than expected and they put this down to the Avastin. They therefore continued my on 3 weekly sessions of Avastin alone until I had had the maximum 18 rounds of Avastin.

    I was some what disconcerted by the change of plan because I had thought I was going to be off treatment much sooner. However I chose to see this as a positive change and was pleased that I had found a drug that worked so well for me.

    I did find Avastin alone easier but towards the end of the treatment the side effects did accumalate and become troublesome. However I am sure benefits greatly out weighed these problems and I am very grateful that I had the chance to have the drug.

    Best wishes


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