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I’m praying it’s not Ovarian Cancer


Hello I found this site while I was researching my symptoms. Well in March 2018 i went for an annual pap and had my first trans ultra sound maybe cause I turned 50 they gave me one after test I was told I had a cyst and not to worry it would go away on its own, June I had another trans test and it showed it was still their and had no change but not to worry the doctor said . I told my obgyn that I felt my belly seem bloated all the time and I have gas he said to talk to my gastro doc to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy to find out if it’s i IBS due to my with my pap and ultra sound results he says nothing shows up to be a concern. Well I got colonoscopy and endoscopy done in Aug It showed I’m okay . Now Dec 3 I’m scheduled for another ultra sound to see why I have been bleeding light for 25 days and this is the 3 time this yr I have had a smelly discharge BV and my belly is still swallow my back hurt so I’m worried with these symptoms its OC . I’m going to ask for a CA125 and just wondering should I push hard to get a CT scan asking you all what other text should I push to get done I just want to make sure it’s not ovarian cancer , or can it be PID. I just know I’m feeling something is not right did any get told not to worry about a cyst and later found out it was the cause of OC

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Hi there..

I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

It’s very unlikely you’re going through this. A GP sees, on average, only one case of Ovarian every five years.

The CA125 test isn’t a very reliable indicator for Ovarian. It’s more reliable as a disease tracker.

If you’re very concerned, i think you should return to see your doctor and show your post at the meeting. You’re obviously worried which isn’t a good situation to be in.

Wishing you well.


Personally, I feel you are more than justified in your fears of possible Ovarian cancer.

You are the right age, you have several of the classic symptoms, bloating, gas, bowel problems AND that cyst, and these are the symptoms that are most often misdiagnosed as diverticulitis or some such thing, that keeps us from being diagnosed before the cancer is advanced.

The CA-125 marker is usually a good marker for further investigation, but a CT scan would really help.

I personally had no symptoms until the week before my diagnosis. When I saw my GP with bloating, she did not consider OC.

2 days later, I was in hospital with stage 3.

It is so much better to catch this disease early and you should push for testing.

Don’t mean to scare you,

But I think you already know the risks. Once diagnosed, there are lots of treatments and we are here to give you further advice and support.

Best wishes,


I would push hard for a CT scan!

I will definitely ask for a CT scan. I think having a cyst since March is a bit to long and even though the doc say the cyst hasn’t had any change to it that I should now worry I feel since March I have been having to many different symptoms that I know do not feel right. Thank you all for your words I will see what happens on Monday and wishing you all happy holidays

I agree with the advice to push for further investigation and that should include the C A 125 and ultrasound plus scan. Far too many of us were told we had I B S or anxiety with those exact symptoms you describe. That includes me who was finally lucky enough to come across a vigilant locum. She did the C A125 without telling me and to my shock I was l was told to go straight to

A and E a week later when the results came back. The rest is history.

I'm not trying to scare you and all may well be OK but better safe than sorry!

I wish you all the best for a successful outcome. Take care.



Seeing my obgyn doc today for trans ultra sound And I have been bleeding now for over 3 weeks I think I had two periods they lasted long and just yesterday bleeding in urine and blood on tissue . Now I’m really concern and will request to get whatvever test done to figure out what’s wrong . They can rule out ibs since my colonoscopy and endoscopy showed nothing

Hi. Please get your CA125 levels checked asap. God Forbid, but with OC, forewarned is forearmed.


I would definitely push for a CA125 blood test and scan - I was pushed away for over a year and then discovered it was OC. I pray you are going to be ok but always best to know for sure. Good luck! X

I agree with the majority of comments already expressed. There’s a good reason GPs may claim to ‘only’ see 1 case every 5 years and that’s because frankly they are often dismissive of symptoms or else they are incorrectly explained away as being something else. Misdiagnosis is still too common. I would definitely NOT take their claims of rarely seeing it, as any form of reassurance. We push and push for more awareness but often it’s the GPs themselves that ought to have more training on awareness and recognising the symptoms and then referring for more appropriate tests. You have to advocate for yourself even if it’s to get it ruled out - which is what I hope is the case for you. X

Well just wanted to give an update on what happen on my doctor visit 3 days ago . They did the transviginal ultra sound and found out my paraguard iud I have had for 5 years dropped ( displacement) they had to take it out I asked to not give me another iud I want my women parts to relax a bit. Doc said that could of cause the infection and bleeding . The test also showed I still had 2 right cyst and 1 on my left ovaries. He did an endo biopsy and I should get results in about 10 days . They are scheduling me for a ct scan to check abdominal and pelvis . They ran blood test urine test still waiting on results but they want to wait on Ca 125 blood test until the cat scan or endo biopsy test results come in . So will see if it was the iud but I feel it will probably be something else. Thank you to everyone who responded.

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