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My journey with ovarian cancer

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May 2016. Bloating but no other symptoms. After a CT scan that confirmed I had a very large cyst on my right ovary my GP and the NHS went into overdrive and the rollercoaster of treatment began I had a total hysterectomy. My gyne/oncologist told me he had completely removed the cancer but the cyst had burst on removal so I was stage 3 iiib (mucinous adenocarcinoma). I was told that I would receive chemotherapy as a "belt and braces" precaution and started a course of 6 treatments of chemo (Taxol/Carboplatin) in July.

I was given a list of possible side effects but in the end got off lightly with loss of hair and tiredness. I could drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat! The steroids I was given to take after chemo made me a bit unsettled but my team adjusted the dose and I was able to cope.

I finished my chemo at the beginning of November and had a CT scan just before Christmas. I had my clinic appointment on Tuesday and received the great news that I am all clear. I still can't really appreciate it until I keep repeating it to family and friends who ask.

This long post is just to help ladies who may be in the process of diagnosis/ treatment. This disease is scary but you will be surprised what strength is within you and with the support of your medical team, family, friends and this wonderful forum (you have been there although I couldn't post while gong through treatment). Taking each step along the path in small bits it becomes manageable. A positive attitude also helps I decided I couldn't cry all the time.

As for 2017 I will gather my strength, keep healthy and look forward to the birth of my first grandchild. Life is worth fighting for. Best wishes to all who are affected by this disease my support is with you all.

Thank you


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Congratulations on getting the all clear, hope you continue to stay well and that 2017 is a really good year for you. ❤xx Jane

Great news life is worth fighting for and congratulations on first grandchild my daughter in law is expecting my third grandchild in may it will be my first grandson I feel so old lol but so lucky to be here xx

Well done,similar journey to me and I'm NED 21 months after chemo.

Seize the day,enjoy every moment,my second Grandchild is arriving in April,

I wish you all the best,

Carole xxx

Wishing you the best of health for 2017 xx

Thank you for this. I'm about a month behind you, had scan on Wednesday but not expecting results until the end of the month. So good to hear positive stories!

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dmr24 in reply to Rachael47

Wishing you all the best for your results. X

Welcome dmr and thanks for sharing your story. How fantastic that after everything, you have been given the all clear! A great way to start 2017! I wish you well.

Jemima xx

Thank you for sharing your good news, it is good to have an uplifting post which inspires the rest of us. Enjoy your little grandchild you have everything to live for

Congratulations! Really pleased to hear you are NED.

Great news. Celebrate and look forward yo all the lovely cuddles you can have when your grandchild arrives. Ann xx

So wonderful to read some good news, great start to the year for you and your family. Enjoy that grandchild, stay strong and healthy and all the very best x

Your journey is a very similar one to mine and I can second all you have said. I finished chemo in September with a great result. Life is worth fighting for and I too count my blessings.

I wish you a healthy new year and a wonderful time with your new baby grandchild.. Xx

Thanks for sharing your story. We (my mom has been diagnosed with 2B) are just at the beginning with 2 sessions of chemo and dealing with the horrible side effects. Great to hear your story and I hope that 2017 is a fantastic year for you. G

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dmr24 in reply to guerrera247

Best wishes to you and your mom for the rest of her treatment. Be kind to yourselves.

D xx

Thank you x G

You will never experience anything like the love and joy a grandchild brings. It's very special. Great news that you're all clear. A double celebration.

Enjoy your precious family xo

I too was diagnosed last year with ovarian cancer and felt naturally scared stiff but I have always had to fight for everything in my life so this was just another thing. I had 9 doses of original chemotherapy which shrunk the tumours . I lost all my hair and felt very depressed as I had to give up a job which I loved . I have still not really got over the depression.

I was offered surgery but when I can round the surgeon appeared and said " Sorry the surgery was unsuccessful" Then he just walked out. Apparently I learned later that the scar tissue from a previous gall bladder operation was too close to where they wanted to operate . I was even more depressed now but felt a bit better when I learnt the tumours had shrunk quite a bit.

Anyway I was then put on Avastin , No side effect only half an hour treatment. But sadly it didnt work . I was then offered a trial called javelin. There was a random choice of a new all singing all dancing drug on its own , the drug plus caelyx and caelyx on its own. The caelyx alone was used as a yardstick for the other two treatments . Guess what I was only used as the yardstick. not to be given the chance of the new drug was a bad psychological blow . The reports in USA and Europe had been great - improvement within 7 days etc. It is avezumab and has not been approved here in Uk yet so Pfizer were paying for the trial themsleves as they were so confident ,

I feel gutted that they could not cut ANY of the cancer away and secondly that I am not being given the chance to try this new drug. It has for the first time in my diagnosis , really knocked me back. I have had severe tiredness with the Caelyx awful stomach pains and constipation and that is after one dose! Can any one let me know what their results have been for this drug and how long they had it for? I may feel better if I know it works as at the moment I am too depressed to think about . Thanks Irene

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