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Ovarian cancer after bowel cancer?

Hi ladies,

I'm new here, and really need some advice. Exactly 1 year ago I was diagnosed with early stage bowel cancer (aged 38), it was an adenocarcinoma in the sigmoid colon. Half my bowel was removed, and no further treatment was needed.

However, since my op, I've suffered months of lower abdominal pain and bloating, lost appetite, extreme fatigue. There have been doctor visits, A&E visits and consultant visits....I was given a Trans Vaginal Scan just over a week ago, where a 4.5cm mass was discovered where my left ovary should be.

The sonographer was very chatty until he found this 'thing', then he was ominously quite. He said it looked like it could be a dermoid cyst, it could be an endometrioma, but it would need to come out. He could not see my left ovary at all, and couldn't say if it was inside the mass or behind it.

My CA125 is normal at 16 (my CEA levels were normal when I had bowel cancer too) but just from the results of the scan an urgent referral has been made for me to see a gynaecologist/oncologist on Tues 29th September.

Obviously I'm worrying myself sick, I can't sleep. I'm very suspicious that this cyst is in the same location as my bowel cancer was. Am I right to worry, or are they being extra cautious due to my history?

Any advice would be gratefully received x

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Dear Tricky

What a dreadful time you've had. You have at least found us and I know you'll get lots of sympathy and support from ladies here - some of whom have had other cancers and are now living with ovarian cancer. I hope it is a comfort to think you're not alone.

I think if you've had a TVS scan and the sonographer wants you to be referred this is the best way forward and you should insist on a very swift referral.

For the moment there's not a lot you can do except if possible to keep yourself distracted, take plenty of exercise and try to sleep well. Easier said than done. Just as soon as you have seen a consultant the way forward will be much clearer.

Sending you a huge hug. xxx Annie


Thank you for the lovely message Annie.

I know I have no other option but to wait it out, the not knowing is the worst part don't you think?! Your mind tries to fill in the blanks. And of course, once you've had cancer, you are convinced it's come back to haunt you.

I shall keep you updated, thanks again for taking the time to reply.

Vicky xx


Keep posting Vicky. It really does help to have a virtual chat with friends in this community. I should really be out in the sunshine today but I'm glued to a computer screen designing a flyer for an event I'm organising. I'm a horrendously bad example of my own advice! lol

Hope you enjoy being part of this community. This is a great place to network and make friends. xx Annie


Hi tricky - can't really add anything to what Annie has said other than at least you have been referred and hopefully will have some definitive answers soon! You're right - the waiting is indeed the worst thing; our minds go into overdrive and we imagine all sorts! Every lady on this site will empathise with your fears - I've spent many a sleepless night trying to be rational and failing miserably! My thoughts and prayers are with you - please let us know how you're doing Xxx


Maz54, thank you so much for the reply. I'll keep posting as and when I know anything. But at least I have found a place to spend my twilight awake hours! See you all at 2am 😂 xx


Tricky, I don't really have anything I can add to what Annie and Maz have said, other than I feel for you so much in this worrying, frightening time. I'll just send my sympathy and best wishes for a happy outcome.

Thinking of you. Keep your chin up, love from Solange. :-)


Thanks Solange, keep everything crossed for me! 😘


Try to plan a little treat a day to lift your spirits. Something to look forward to each day will help with the waiting game. It doesn't have to be expensive - even if it's just a face mask, lighting candles and putting your favourite music on, it can help.

Sending positive vibes. You're not alone.

Take care.

Sandra X x


Thank you for the advice be honest I'm feeling so tired all I want to do is sleep, very difficult with a 3 and a 7 year old running round like loons! But will try a nice long bath tonight 🛁 xx


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