Taxotere Versus Caelyx

Have any of you lovely ladies had Taxotere. I developed an allergy to Paclitaxol on second chemo (on first line treatment as was diagnosed in May this year). ONC put me on Caelyx as well as Carbo after debulking op in August but after doing my research I came across Taxotere which is a Taxol same as Paclitaxol but less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Apparently its the compound they mix the chemo with for taxols that is most likely to cause the allergy. Taxotere is mixed with other less hypoallergenic substances. ONC has said I can have Taxotere or I can stick with the Caelyx but is not really advising me which is best. Nice guidelines recommend platinum based chemo (Carbo or Cisplatin plus Taxane but cant find specific info re Taxotere which is a Taxane for firstline but Caelyx is used for recurrence from what I can see.

Would appreciate your views/advice.

Love to all


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  • Sorry you are in this position. I am unable to help I am afraid as I had carbo/taxol for first line treatment. I'm sure someone will be able to advise you though. Good luck. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann you are such a lovely thoughtful person, how are you Today.



  • Thank you Karen. I'm fine thanks, a little bit tired but I think that's down to having yo put down on paper the way i was before I got ill and how I am now, for the purposes of applying for retirement from NHS on grounds of I'll health. Done now though and emailed through to Human Resources. Long wait now for decision. Been told it could take much as 3 months for pension DR's decision. No brainer to me. Hopefully he/she will agree. Take care

    Ann xo

  • Hi anne, was sorry to hear your news that your back on chemo. Just had no 5 of 6 in second line ans so far ok. I applied in January for ill health retirement from local authority. Had a bit of a fight and as you say to me was no brainer, but eventually after being a bit assertive, not my normal self, they agreed. Best thing ever having time to relax and enjoy every day. Good luck. Jill

  • Thanks Jill. Not actually on chemo yet, am on watch and wait. Rescan in Nov and then decision will be made. So many forms to complete. Not made easy for us eh! Hope your treatment goes well. Ann x

  • Maybe you could write to ask if they can fast-track your application as 3 months is a long time when you are in our position. Think someone should question the lengthy timescale especially if it is a generalisation and they do take into account individual circumstances (thinking it could be a jobsworth maybe). Also recommend you try and not worry as you say its a no brainer and based on the key criteria of probability they use (search on google) like you say its a no brainer. Good luck!

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen. Ann

  • Hi Karen I am sorry you find yourself in this dilema, surely the oncologist could give you a better answer. I do notice Caelyx is used on recurences but so far havent been offered it. Had Carbo Taxol and then Gem/Taxol and more recently Gem/Avastin and still on avastin so there are many combinations out there yet. I would ask your oncologist why he wont recommend one over the other as they normally would go through it with you. Wishing you the best

  • Thanks Suzuki, sorry I did not reply earlier, sometimes I loose the thread on this website, hope you are OK. All the best to you too x

  • Hi there am doing okay now, last scan they were happy with so next scan in 6months and seeing onc in between. I have recently attended a support service here and found the counsellor put me on the right track. I do dwell too much on stuff so have to learn to stop that. Hope you are doing ok

  • What I try and remember is if I feel OK Today that's good enough for me and try to live in the now and that I'm not a statistic. Easier said than done sometimes I know. I take antidepressants although never been depressed but they help take the edge of feeling anxious. I feel OK so I'll keep taking them they help xx

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