My Ovacome


I have had OC for nearly three years. Have undergone all the normal stuff and chemo. In first year good response then operation then two ore cycles of Carbo taxol. After only four months cancer on the move again. More chemo. Six cycles of gem Carbo. No great response and cancer still on move. Changed consultants and went on myocet and Avastin. (Caelyx out of production at time so similar drug. Anyway partial response. Stopped Myocet but continued with Avastin alone. This held most of the cancer except a nasty one in the pouch of Douglas. This was removed successfully 3 weeks ago however my cancer elsewhere has started again due to the Avastin stopping I assume. Had to stop for surgery as it can interfere with wound healing. Has anyone stopped Avastin and then restarted it with any success. I am really worried and feel my options are running out. Any one help

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If you google national cancer drugs fund 2014 and it takes you to the NHS site with a .pdf file to download.

Avastin appears as Bevacizumab.

Good luck with your resesrch.

xxx Annie


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