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Hi. I am a regular visitor to this forum,but one of those quiet ones that gains inspiration from your posts and makes a silent prayer for all of you. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3c/4 serous ovarian cancer in March 2016. She had 3 cycles of chemo and a radical debunking surgery last month. She is now completing her final 3 cycles of taxol/carboplatinum but her doctors have advised 18 months of Avastin as a continuing treatment.

I am a little confused as I thought Avastin was 2nd line treatment which is offered if the cancer returns. What could this mean for mum? Has anyone had this continued treatment and what were the results?

I live in America and mum is in London. I just want to pack my bags and move back to London. It has been a roller coaster of a ride. I want my kids to spend time with her because I don't know what's ahead 😔.

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  • Hi, I have had Avastin as first line treatment. I'm on number 9 of 18 and other then my ca125 count going up, tired and a few achy bones it's not bad.

    Must be difficult being so far away, sending lots of prays and love for your mum X

    Asma X

  • Thank you for your reply Asma. Do you know why they have recommended this regime for you? I want to understand why this approach and not the standard one.


  • I was put on the standard treatment of 3 cycles of carbo/taxol then surgery and then another 3 rounds of same chemo. Unfortunately at my halfway point the surgeon did a camera check and decided he couldn't remove all of the cancer 😕 so it was back to chemo with the addition of avastine for the last 2 cycles.. then I had my surgery, no residual cancer left, thank god. My doc said that I have to complete the course of the avastin.

    Everything that I have read suggests that the avastin helps to delay any reoccurring cancer if It is to return this is not to say that it will come back.... This is my understanding anyway.

    Wishing you all the best for your mum and your family through this tough time X

    Asma x

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed stage 3 OC in 2007 and I was on the trial for Avastin back in 2007/8 and this was first line treatment. I had 6no cycles of carboplatin, Taxol (well 5 actually of the taxol as I had pheripheral neuropathy) and Avastin followed by a further 12 three weekly cycles of Avastin. Once I was on Avastin alone I returned to work full time only having every 3rd Wednesday off to have the Avastin. I achieved a remission of 4.5 years. Apart from feeling a tiny bit achey on Avastin and blocked, runny nose (used loads of tissues!) and the occasional nose bleed I was fine (as evidenced by the fact I worked full time. Hope that information helps. Wishing your mum well. Kathy xxx

  • Thank you Kathy for your encouraging response. It makes me think we have lots of good times ahead.

  • Hopefully u will . Im stage 3, currently on a third trial with no evidence of disease. My mum was also stage 3 and her OC never recurred. Stay positive x

  • Btw I had high blood pressure before going on Avastin and I was given another pill to combat thst whilst on Avastin. Im off that now :)

  • You just made my day :)

  • Hi Kathy,

    Do you think if it's possible to take a gap b/w chemo and starting Avastin. I was hoping to have mum over for a few weeks after she finishes chemo and a few weeks of rest. Would be a welcome change for her!


  • Hi To be honest I think the protocol is that its given at the same time as the Standard chemo . I tolerated it well and as I said I was back at work full time just having just one day off every three weeks to have it administered so I would say theres more benefit to having it than taking a break but the best person to ask would be your mums oncologist. xx

  • Thank you. Will discuss with the oncologist for sure :)

  • Like your mum I am on Avastin after 1st line carboplatn/taxol. I believe it is regarded as a 'maintenance' therapy - it works on the vascular system, depriving any remaining cancer cells of blood supply. It doesn't have harsh side effects like chemo, but there are some side effects like raised blood pressure, joint aches and sinus issues - most women on this site appear to tolerate it well. I lead pretty well a normal life on it - I've had 9 lots and my CA125 is just beginning to sneak up, however, but that is being monitored. Accept it's a roller coaster but hopefully many more ups than downs, and quality time ahead!

  • Thank you for your reply. I wish you the best of luck in your treatment ahead. My mom's blood pressure is on the high side anyway. I hope the doctors can manage that.

  • I had Avastin on third line with Gemzar and had the annoying side effects as described. It did work for me, it is very doable. I finished last October and am stable at the moment so hoping for another bit out of it. For me it helped the shrinkage with chemo and thereafter on its own so if its offered take it. Some part of Uk do not offer it as it is quite expensive.

  • I'm stage 3c OC had 4 chemo of carbo/taxol, ultra radical surgery, followed by 2 chemo of carbo only. My last carbo is next Friday. My onc has spoken about avastin so will be starting that as a maintenance to keep me in remission longer. Some people get offered it and others don't. I don't know the criteria for getting it but plan to discuss this with my onc when I see him on Wednesday. From what Iv heard from the ladies on this site, if you are offered the chance of having it, take the opportunity.

    Hope your mum is doing ok. Must be difficult being so far away.

    Mandy, xx

  • Good luck Mandy! Hope everything goes well for you!

  • My understanding is that avastin stops the growth of new blood vessels. Tumours need blood vessels to grow. Avastin stops them.

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 ppc in February. I am on a trial where I get avastin with my chemo drugs and then 13 cycles of just avastin at the end.



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