Confused about Avastin

Hi, ladies. I am confused and I need your advice. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3 c in January 2015, had three cycles of carboplatin/ Cyclophosphane, surgery, then again four cycles of carboplatin/ Cyclophosphane. Finished my treatment in June 2015 and feeling fine. I go to work (have two jobs), am physically active and generally enjoy life. However, my CA 125 is slowly, but steadily rising up - it was 10 after finishing treatment and now it is 16. My oncologist is happy with my results, but I feel nervous each time I go for check-ups (the next is due on June 14). I am reading here about Avastin and my doctor has never mentioned taking it. I generally don't receive any treatment and I am feeling that my cancer is slowly coming back. Should I ask and insist on Avastin, what's your opinion? I wish you all the best.


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  • Hi Tamara- if your CA 125 is under 35 it is classed as normal and there isn't much difference to worry about between 10 and 16 - these numbers are great! There are rules about who qualifies for Avastin when - best advice is to ask your onc. If you don't need drugs, stay off them as long as you can because I believe that improves your chances if you need stuff later - that's what my onc said to me, anyway.

  • Tamara

    My treatment plan is 3 Taxol / Carbo then surgery, then a further the of the above. I have also been told I will then have 12 months of targeted therapy Avastin.

    I was told the Avastin is to slow down re- occurrence , but will also depend how sensitive the cancer is to the Tacol / Carbo. I have noticed that all of us using this site have some differences with our treatment plan. and that not every one reacts to the same treatment, but still worth discussing with your doctor.

    Good luck Ellsey xx

  • Hi Tamara

    I was pleased to be offered Avastin after my first line chemo and surgery. I see it as a bit of an insurance policy against recurrence as I was dx stage 4 but only time will tell. As it is only offered after first line and then only funded by the cancer drugs fund(in the UK) I felt I couldn't wait and see. It is much more tolerable than chemo although joint pain and high BP have been a problem. Xx Lyndall

  • I've just asked a similar question! Hopefully between us we'll get some answers.😊

  • THANK you all, dear ladies for encouraging me and for caring so much. I do hope that the damn disease will keep away from all of us and I won't have to wonder about the effectiveness of Avastin. I guess it is not included in the list of medicines funded by the insurance company in my country, that's why i wasn't toĺd about it. Otherwise, I am confident that I am in good hands as regards my treatment. Take care , dears

  • I was diagnosed with stage lV OC and PCC in December 2015. I am on the iCON8b trial. I have had 6 cycles of 3 weekly chemo Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. I had debulking surgery between cycles 3&4. Each cycle included Bevacizumab(Avastin), with the exception of cycle 3 prior to surgery. I had my 6th cycle just over 2 weeks ago. I will continue having Bevacizumab for a further 13 cycles. Where I am treated, Bevacizumab is part of the standard treatment for everyone diagnosed with OC. There does seem to be a bit of a postcode lottery about this particular drug. Good luck to everyone fighting this horrible disease. Janine x

  • Thanks, Janine, for the reply. As I am seeing my oncologist soon, I'll ask him about it. Yet, I am not sure whether it is included in the standard treatment in my country (I am from Moldova). And I've consulted the prices - it's quite expensive to pay it by myself. Still, I want to feel confident that I am OK and I won't need Avastin. Best wishes to you all.

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