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Hello> CA125 up on Avastin

I've just had it confirmed that my CA125 has gone up by 200 to 593 after my first Avastin with no Carbo and Gem. This would suggest to me that Avastin doesn't work for me. This is probably because we couldn't get my CA125 down to normal so it really didn't stand such a chance. I knew in myself it was growing again and I feel a pressure on my bladder all the time and even at night. I'm obviously very disappointed and upset. My oncologist wasn't there again but I saw a lovely registrar who really listened to me. I'm very depressed and am suffering from terrible anxiety symptoms. This was my second line treatment.

I will probably be on Caelyx next or Myocet. Please can you tell me what which one you,ve had if appropriate. Lovis

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Dear Lovis.

I am so sorry to hear this. I can understand how you are feeling. Some treatments just don't seem to work for some people. However there are plenty out there and lots of different combinations. I have just started on Carbo/Etoposide 3rd line. I was on Avastin on its own for 12 months my CA 125 is over 500 now too. I am thinking of you xxx Love Trish


High I had paxitaxol with carob plating for my second line still left some behind and ca125 135 so only had 4months remission now on calyx and carob platin last one in three weeks ca123 coming down ok I know how you feel it is so depressing going through all the chemo. with little success, I am sure they will find another chemo. for you,chin up and keep fighting thinking of you.

Love Jenny xxx


Hi Lovis so sorry to hear your news x can't advice on the treatment but sending you a big cuddle and wishing you well for your treatment x hopefully next lot chemo will be effective . Try to stay strong


Ally xx


just finished 2nd round of chemo caelyx and carbo my ca125 did not level off and is now over 1000 ,please don't despair there are a lot of treatments available and it is just a case of finding one that suits you. Wish you all the best with your further treatment. Debbiex


Hiya Lovis,

I can't add any advice. it just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and sending you a big cyber hug



Lovis, No advice to give you, chin up and you will get there.

Big cuddle x


Hi Lovis. I had a similar type of experience while on Gem/Carb for first recurrence. Initially the drop in CA-125 was huge but then I started missing day 8 Gem due to low blood counts and the pain returned before the next cycle could start. CA-125 was also increasing.

Gem/Carb was abandoned and am now on weekly taxol which I am tolerating much better and CA-125 is coming down.

Do let us know how you get on, or drop me a message if you would like any details.

All the best.



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