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Keep fighting, keep hoping

Dear Jean

So sorry to hear your news. Sp frightening for you

Nearly 5 years ago I was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer 2bfollowing hysterectomy and oophrectomy but no debulking. They treated as epitheal ovarian cancer. I had a years' remission then back to carboplatin and taxol in 2008. 8mth remission then back on caelyx 2009.End 2010 saw me trying oral treosulphan. which led to a soaring ca 125 of over 800 in early 2011 ( pre surgery I was only 71 !!). and like with you Jean a very pessamistic temporary oncologist left me with nowhere to go. As a retired healthcare professional I thought the writing was oin the wall. Then along came an angel in the form of a new oncologist, she had been Prof Kaye's senior reg at The Marsden and had taken up a consultants post at my hospital!! My 125 was now3995!! Onto round 5. She put me on taxol weekly for 18 weeks. My 125 came down well/

Today at a post chemo followup a terrified me was convinced I would hear my cancer was on the move again ( had been having pain under left rib). But to my huge relief My oncologist said my ct scan showed that my disease is now stable and 125 down to 350, she will see me in 3mths unless I am worried and told me to go on holiday!! P asked about further treatment if the worse should happen and she said there were many more treatments we could look at when the time comes. I know a cure is not on the cards, but I'll settle for holding the disease in check

So dear Jean don't give up. Go for a referral to a centre of excellance. Explore every avenue as I am sure you will when this shock has worn off a bit. Talk to your nurse specialist and the ovacome nurses on this site. We are here to help and support you.

Luv'n'hugs Sue x

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Hi Sue,

I just want to give you a good morning hug and say that I found your blog above really uplifting. Thank you.

Love Lizzie



Hi Sue

Just read your blog today and you have given me hope. Have already spoken to my oncologist when I was in hospital having ascites drained on Friday 13th and told him doing nothing as far as I am concerned is not an option. Am having a scan on the 25th and will be discussing things further when I see him on the 1st Feb. So fingers crossed am not giving up. Lots of love Jeanxxx


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