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The early morning train

This morning the train was early. It was about 4am I woke.. lay there. throat on fire. Then it hit me, the train. It was my hip. My right hip. I must have been lain on that side, I don't usually, because it always hurts. So I tend not to. But obviously I had, I had had another of my usual busy dreams. My god I was so busy in my dreams last night. I was at work - I used to be a PA for a partner in a busy firm of solicitors. It was always manic and last night in my dream it was manic. When I woke at 4am, I was exhausted. IN my dream I had been busy typing getting all my documents typed before the train came, to take me home. Only this train ran over me instead. I woke up flattened by the train, my hip burning, hurting. It wasn't going to go away, so I reached inside my bedside cabinet. All the painkillers were gone. I took a trip downstairs, more asleep than awake, down the stairs on my bum to avoid falling because my knee gives out... oh and my hip hurt! Downed the tablets, switched off the light, stumbled over the cat on the landing and slid back into bed. I sat up in bed until the pain started to subside, then slid down under the duvet and fell into a deep sleep. At 8.30, the next train came. My partner woke me up, we had both overslept. He had been out with a newly born calf, and a poorly calf and checking on the sheep until 2 a.m. Some clown had woken him again at 4 a.m. with a painful hip! So we both lay there, tired, for two very different reasons, trying to get up after being hit by the train. Well at least we had a lie in on a Sunday! A rare treat.

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