Managed the big city thank you all

Hi all following your feedback and advice I took extra oral steroids rather than have a shot and postponed my knee app. I managed to climb the steps at St Pauls albeit rather slowly and waddle over the Mellenium bridge to the Tate. My hubby wanted to see the Leichensteine exhibition. I had my 6ft 4 son as a prop. The snow was coming down horizontally and it was soooo cold.Had to find a big cup of coffee and cake to warm up. We caught up with our eldest he is currently a pupil Barrister at Fountain court so is busy busy. Had a look at his new flat and had a real treat dinner at the Wolseley.Hubby is still in shock at the bill. Our train was cancelled on Sunday morning so it was a real scramble for the next one, but I ended up sitting and chatting to Wayne Sleep for a while, he was lovely. He was heading north to film where he came from. I had to pace myself over the weekend and ply myself with painkillers and had a few sleeps back at the hotel but all in all it was fab. Woke on Monday to everything hurting but it was worth it.

Have been catching up on the blogs hope people are feeling a bit better. Tilda so glad the part was such a success.

Love to all

Lorraine xx

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  • well done sounded cold but great x

  • Lorraine i am so pleased you had a good time and you saw where your son is settled which helps us mums doesn't it. You take it easy the next few days and give yourself time to recover from your lovely trip.xxxx

  • So glad you had a great time now rest x

  • Glad you had a wonderful time. You done one better then me i saw wayne sleep dance but not chat to him. he was a fabulous dancer could not take my eyes of him

  • That sounds brilliant - especially about your son. Did you enjoy the Lichtenstein show? Polly didn't enjoy it much she said but I think a lot of it depends on how you are feeling on the day with art exhibitions. I was very proud of my sons at my party and got so many compliments - especially about the eldest one who many didn't even recognise - he's done the shift from boy to man suddenly I think. He only stayed for 3 nights but it's just great having all the family together however briefly. Great stuff! Tilda xx

  • Hi Tilda

    Glad your spelling is on form, I personally did not care for the art exhibition, it was not to my taste, but hubby is a fan so you have to do it.

    We have two sons one hopefully is on his way with a career, the other is taking his A levels.

    Have just seen him off on a Geography trip to Italy, don't think mine were as exciting. You sound on really good form with lots of energy at the party.

    Keep it up.

    Lorraine xx

  • Well done you! It's not easy having days out with fit people without coming over as a complete train crash. I'm so pleased you had a great day.


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