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Weird dreams

Hello everyone

Here i am early on this site writing a blog, because i've had a rough night. I felt out of sorts yesterday, but i laid on my bed yesterday afternoon and i felt a bit better for it. I had delhi belly as well most of the day, don't know if that was the cause.

Anyway onto the weird dream. I dreamt that i was planning my own wedding, don't know why as i've been married for 28yrs, quite happily too.

My clothes were in a suitcase locked in a cupboard as was my make up and hair tongs. Hubby brought me a cuppa at 4am before he went to work, which he always does when he's on earlies. Thought that would be it when i went back to sleep. Wrong, The dream carried on. Not sure what dreaming about getting married was all about. I'm sure someone will tell me.

So i'm down here at 6.30 this morning taking my pills early as i ache so much. I had planned to do so much this morning as my progress with the dreaded fibro had started to ease off with the treatment that i'm on. Just goes to show how wrong am. So here i am trying to bring some lightness to everyone this morning. not sure if i'm succeeding.

I'm sure this is only a blip on the landscape and tomorrow or even later today i'll feel better.

Take care everyone

Sylvia. xx

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I've emailed my mother who analysis handwritting and dreams, this is what she has said....

Feels as though she is losing what is dear to her and that she has no way of stopping things from progressing further.

Doesn't mean that is actually happening - just that that is how she feels i.e. not in charge of things that are happening to her.

Hope this helps. x


mel, thats certainly true, i'm not in charge of my health. It seems to me that whats happens is out of my control. The dream is about me and my husband, we've just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary, i don't know whether that is significant. Without him i wouldn't have been able to cope.

Thank you for asking your mum.

Sylviaaa. xx


Hi Sylvi,

I've found that drugs like Amitriptilyne affect the kinds of dreams that I have - not surprising given that they act on the central nervous system dampening down pain signals.

Because of peripheral neuropathy I've recently had the dose of Amitryptilyne doubled and whilst my system adjusts I'm having continuous multi-layered dreams. It can be quite exhausting - like those anxiety dreams before a long journey when you dream your way through all the possible mishaps (forgotten passports, not enough knickers etc} only to wake to find that you've still got the blasted journey still to do!

Because of the sedative effect of these drugs I also find that even after wakening I slip back into sleep and continue the dreaming.

Not feeling in control is a common theme, both waking and sleeping, for those of us living with chronic disease(s}. Regaining some elements of control by using Pacing really does help to soothe this:-}

I also have Fibromyalgia secondary to the RA, I'm glad to hear that you feel better for having a diagnosis and feeling that you are being taken seriously. There is an organisation called FMA that has a lot of helpful information. Arthritis Research have a good booklet and info on their website.

I hope that your day improves,


Cece x


Thanks Cece,

The weather isn't helping, so i'll just have a quiet day. Might go back to bed later. Nothing i can do about it, so i'll go with the flow. Hope tomorrow will be be. Actually it should be my brother is coming up to see me. Thats something to look forward too.

Sylvia. XX


Hi Sylvia, I agree about the Amitriptyline, I can wake go back to sleep and carry on having the same dream but only when I've taken the Amitriptyline! I didn't think anything of it but what Cece as just said makes sense.

Hope your having a better day today, strange how our illness can differ so much every day.

Take care

mand xx


Hi Sylvia - I've been taking it for a month now and I don't know if it's just coincidence but I seem to be getting the first full nights of sleep that I've had for years - 3 nights in succession now. It seems to work for me by sorting out my over sensitive bladder out well which is interesting because I read online that Amitriptyline is sometimes used for kids who bed wet - to stop them having the urge to pee. I take it early at 9.45pm but I am more exhausted in the morning and daytime than I was when waking all through the night? This wasn't instantaneous on this drug but it seems to be the case now several weeks into taking it.

But then I've also been having a post menopausal period - first for a year and a half which is weird too? I looked this up online today and got so worried athat I phoned woman GP and told her and she's asked me to come in tomorrow for an emergency appointment. Ah well life seems to be throwing it all into the mix for us both just now eh?!

Take care and wishing you a sound sleep with happy dreams only, Tilda x


Tilda, Thats an interesing thought about the loo. I have to admit i'm going less than i usually do, i didn't know it was good for that. I'm sleeping better than i have been, but i still wake up, but i've only been on it for 2 weeks. I'm having odd dreams. I'm only on the smallest dose at the moment. I'm seeing my gp thursday so i'll see what he has to say.

I know what you mean about the mix. I don't have an oven so i can't have a period, i had it removed 16yrs ago, that was my 40th birthday present. I had it done 3 weeks before my birthday. I've got a story about my 40th which i'll bore you with another time. It wasn't funny at the time, but i laugh about now. Suffice to i've been a pain in the rear ever since.

I hope you slept well, i slept better than the night before, but was up at 6.30 this morning. My hubby had to go to work and son has to be in london today to get his visa for usa. My son seems to think its ok to run up and down the stairs, not when i'm trying to sleep. They never think.

Sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvi, sorry you have been feeling so rotten what with delhi belly and everything else. I started an early menopause when I was just under 42 but my mother was early as well and apparently like mother, like daughter, according to my then lovely GP. Don't take Amitriptylene as it doesn't suit me at all. Do wake up 2/3 times a night to turn over to a more comfortable position and I do have vivid dreams - I blame the MTX and anti tnf but also a vivid imagination helps as well. My mother always used to say that your dreams reflect what you have seen, heard or done the previous day or few days and I have found that is true. I also have a slightly overactive bladder at night and can get up twice in the night to go to the bathroom. So try to limit my drinks in the evening. Coca Cola is the worst! Had a TVT band fitted 3 years ago as had stress incontinence for many years and that has worked very well except my kidneys seem to download more at night! Don't know why. If anyone does, perhaps they can tell me.

One advantage was my Gynae had a really good look round inside and confirmed womb and ovaries are fine with no problems. That's a relief - I have lost friends to womb and ovarian cancer in the last few years. Silent killer that is known as as symptoms don't appear until much too late to do anything about it.

Hope you are feeling better today Sylvi. Take care and get lots of rest. Love LavendarLady xx


Lavender lady, I didn't have vivid dreams until i went on the amytryptalene, as the change i had mine removed but kept my ovaries, i've been on hrt for almost the last 16yrs,so i haven't noticed much. I was told earlier this year that my ovaries are shutting down now,

I feel a bit brighter today thank you, but not how i was last week. I think that i try to do things and pay for them later, but i can't help it, thats just the way i am. I still waiting for some sort of therapy, but it like xmas not here yet. Mind you it never is when you need it. By the time it gets here i might find that i don't need it hopefully.

Have been upb the village this morning to get the milk and some fresh air. My daughter has gone to nuneaton to meet the train as my brother is coming up for a few days, so i'm in sons bedroom getting it ready . He will a\ve to share with my son. They will probally go down the pub tonight so having them share will suit us all.

Anyway i better go and finish of. Take care,

Sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvi, just thought I would check in and see how you are now. Hope your brother's visit went off ok and didn't cause you too much pain etc.

I had to come off the HRT after 5 years as I developed breast cancer but a friend is still on it and has been for 18 years. She has wondered whether to come off now but feels it is doing some good.

I am also waiting for some therapy - 2 months now since GP wrote to the Hospital. Oh well, Xmas is coming as they say. Now waiting for physio on my shoulder as well as BUPA won't cover me for that treatment as they now class me as chronic with the RA. B......nuisance really. If I had in house treatment for the shoulder (operation presumably) they would cover me, but not for normal outpatient. The logic escapes me sometimes!

Anyway hope you are feeling better now. Love LavendarLady xx


Hi, I am feeling brighter thank you. I think its all down to the fact that i now know whats wrong with me. I'm going to keep doing things and my body will tell me when to stop. These last few days my joints in my fingers are stiff, but i'll keep moving them and hope that it will ease off.

My brothers visit was interesting. He doesn't look well, he's an awkward so and so, he hasn't been the same since my mum died and he had to identify her, which wasn't a pleasant experience. He has never married, he has had girlfriends over the years, but nothing led to anything permament. It was lovely to see him though.

I'm feeling more active which i hope is a good sign or not it depends in if i do too much. I planning to do a bit of painting today, sitting down of cause. I will blog about it probalyt tomorrow, so everyone can have a laugh at my exspence.

I saw my gp yesterday, Told him about my fibro and said that i have a switch in my brain that won't switch off and that i know now why i'm such a nutcase!!!!!

Well my friend i will write of now and go and get some old clothes on and start painting.

Love, sylvia. xx


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