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4 Days of Hell

Havejust fired up the computer as have been too ill up to now to do anything about blogging. Tilly cut her foot last Thursday afternoon whilst out across the fields. That caused me a lot of worry. When I worry, I tense up and then the RA starts up as well. So I have had since last Thursday in a great deal of pain, my feet so sore I could hardly put my feet to the ground, wrists and hands swelling up, shoulders and knees so sore and painful.

Had a reasonably quiet day on Friday - went to bed feeling awful, couldn't sleep for the pain and discomfort. Saturday, we did the shopping, still treating Tilly's foot and then discovered Berry had a very sore ear. So more treatment on that as well.

We were out in the evening at a birthday party - the type of party I like, talking to friends, good food and background music. But with sitting a lot, I began to seize up and could hardly move when I got home. Church very early Sunday morning at 9 a.m., back to the grandchildren and opening of their presents, home for an hour and then off to friends for Xmas Day lunch. Got home about 7.15 to find Berry had chewed up his bedding so had to tidy that up - bending down etc does not help the joints either! Still not sleeping at all well. Watched Downton - the only decent thing on the TV that evening.

Tilly still limping although I had spoken to a retired vet who advised leave it to nature but use some antiseptic cream and keep her foot clean which I had been doing anyway. More bending involved!

Boxing Day really overdid it. 9 people for a late lunch. Himself did the sprouts and I did the rest. By the time everyone had gone, I was hobbling with pain, my back was killing me, hands had swollen up and wrists

were painful as well. Woke up at 6 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep so lay there wondering why my consultant was sending for me a month earlier than he said and panicking about the x ray on my shoulder and what had been found. Then thought if it was serious he would have contacted me before now.

Spent all today resting with my feet up. Himself went off to play golf, I finished tidying up and emptying the dishwasher - more bending. Sat over my breakfast with a heat pad on my back. Hands and wrists swollen and very hot and painful. Knees and feet didn't bear thinking about - the balls of my feet really swollen so put them into cold water. Now evening and beginning to feel more human again but shoulders, feet and knees still hurt. Think I got thoroughly chilled this last week what with being in a very cold church for the carol concert and jazz evening earlier in the week and then overdoing it over Xmas.

Now having a bit of a rest until New Year although we are out at friends on New Year's Eve so don't have to worry about doing anything. A friend coming for supper tomorrow and two more for supper on Friday. Hoping as the week wears on the RA will settle again. Hope everyone had a really good Xmas and a Happy new Year to you all. LavendarLady x

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Oh no poor you LL - I really feel for you but you have achieved an awful lot during the four days and it's not really surprising you've flared. Please try not to overdo it from now through the New Year period and don't get stressed about the consultant wanting to see you a month early - at least you are being carefully cared for and monitored so just wait and see what they have to say when the time comes.

What a trial pets can be on sore joints eh? But the benefits of adoring and being adored make it all worthwhile I find! Get better and have a great new year yourself!

Tilda xx


My dear friend LL, i wish i could say something to make things easier for you,but sadly i can't. If your entertaining again this week make it as easiest as possible for you to do. Its so easy to say you must rest and someone who has been there,done that its not as easy as it says on the tin. I know you will not tell anyone who are with you that you ache and i know you will suffer in silence. So my friend get all your painkillers lined up a\nd anything else you need to help get you there the new year and take it all and then when its over you will rest. Yes my friend you will be in agony and yes you'll know why,but enjoy it and take it easy afterwards.

Its worrying when pets heve things happen to them as they can't tell you whats wrong with them. Lets hope that they are now both on the mend.

Do you have any relaxation tapes that you can listen to to help you to stop tensing up? If you do get them out and listen to them. A nice soak in the bath with candles,soothing bath oils won't hurt either. Rest between events as much as you can, not easy i know.

I still have chest infection so i'm off to the docs tomorrow,spend a part of every night downstairs since before xmas so i know how you feel. I have a private consultation on my kne 5th jan. Got all paperwork from hospital. Lady who did them was lovely,so no complaints there.

Well my friend i hope you have a lovely new year,seeing what you have planned you will,BUT get as much rest as you can in between times.

Love to you sylvi. xx


Hi Ll,

Same thing happened my wristband hands, I over dd things by preparing veggies and giving the turkey a good stuffing. 6am boxing day awoke to swollen knocks and wrists. It's -all very well saying we should not do it, but sometimes you have to, as won't make itself.

I'm a good deal better today as myself and hubby's went to a beautiful place called Carlingford lake today, and had a lvely dinner on way home.

Stay warm hon, and I hope your doggie better soon, I hate when my girlies not well.



Damn iPad of course I mean knuckles not knocks!!


Poor you, what a series of mishaps to have over xmas. Hope you do manage to stay warm & rest until the next lot of festivities. Do give your friends something very simple to eat so don't cause more pain chopping and slicing - I'm sure it's your company they're coming and would prefer you painfree than having a banquet . Polly


Poor Lavender you are having more than your fair share of problems.. sending you my best wishes

Alison xx


Thinking of you, a snuggle on the couch with the dogs and a good movie and hot chocolate might be just the ticket!! Keep well xx


Ll, I will be thinking of you New Year's Eve, wishing you a wonderfully fun evening with good friends, good food and good "liquids" :0 and hoping you have recovered enough to enjoy it all.

I will be preparing a few things for our belated Christmas gathering on New Year's Day. My grandchildren will all be there, plus one great grandson, little Elijah. He's 2 and so very charming. Can't wait for him and his parents, my oldest grandaughter Serena and hubby Damian to arrive from Columbus, Ohio on Sunday morning.

Yesterday grandaughter Ellen, 17, and I made the sauerkraut balls and got them into the freezer. My grandson, Jared, 14, assembled my old, Victorian styled, battery operated train set, for Eli to see and play with.

Today I am hostessing my Study Club's Christmas dinner at a nearby town's lovely restaurant, so will be up and about until I get home at 3:00 or so./ Then I will crash for a couple hours.

Tomorrow- Thurs. is the evening of my "Slumber Party' with 4 lady friends. We'll have Italian supper, watch movies, talk, laugh, eat junk food snacks and stay up late. Pretending we are teenagers for one night. We probably will not do each other's hair! That we did in the '50s and 60's.

Friday I will have to recover enough to get ready for New Year's party. I knew it would be like this, but then remind myself how bleak and cold and ugly the rest of January is going to be. Atleast then, we'll have good memories and will chuckle. :)

All the best for you in the New Year, Love, Loret


Thanks Loret. Have a good time and don't do too much. LL x


Dear LL It's just so frustrating when the RA takes over especially at this time of year.It sounds as if you are in the middle of a nasty flare.

I went to the midnight service on Christmas Eve.It was beautiful but it played havoc with my joints.

Do take care and try and rest as much as


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