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Laughter is the best medicine!

Laughter is the best medicine!

It’s been a tough few weeks here in the Lakes.

It began with my Gran, she had a stroke. That was closely followed by my Grandpop having a major mind-wobble. My Mum was diagnosed with OA. The business my Dad worked for folded. My partner is facing redundancy. My daughter had a bad week at school. My son stopped eating again.

But, we have to try and look on the bright side…

My Gran is recovering and will be home soon so Grandpop is managing a little better. My Mum is relieved that it was OA and not RA as she won’t be subjected to taking toxins like me. Dad is setting up his own company so it was probably the push he needed. My partner has his fingers crossed (I can’t do mine) that things will work themselves out, they do have a funny way of doing that sometimes and we're overdue a spot of luck. My daughter had a good cry and debrief with her Granny (thankyou Mum) and feels better about things and my son ate his dinner tonight and even came back for seconds.

Last night my partner and I escaped for nearly 3 hours. It’s very rare that we go out as a couple these days but we left our children at home with my parents and went to watch a comedian. We’d had a busy day and I was fairly tired but do you know what, I didn’t half laugh! Granted it was blooming silly, darn right bonkers in places but there’s something about hearing people laugh that makes you want to join in, its infectious, especially the woman three rows back! I laughed ‘til I hurt (it probably didn’t help that I’d sat on a hardback copy of Harry Potter earlier on and had a huge bruise on my bum) but last night was the first night in weeks that I’d felt a bit of relief.

And I actually slept. I went to bed, I closed my eyes there were no weird dreams and no pain. I didn’t stir until just gone 8am and even that was to the sound of two children playing nicely together, bliss.

And to top it off the sun was shining!! That had to be taken advantage of so we went out to the lake. Ok, so we were in wellies and coats as it’s still a little chilly but it was just gorgeous! We all had the best time.This afternoon we have vedged in front of the 6th Harry Potter film (bookworm daughter finished reading the book and had discarded it on the sofa). Curtains closed, sofa-bed out, cushions, pillows and duvet, we even stopped off at the shop for popcorn and sweeties. Just perfect. Thank goodness for small mercies.

I am so lucky that my partner and my children all have a brilliant sense of humour because our family is more or less balanced. I’m the more sensible, serious one - people used to ask me how I coped with all the silliness...imagine that? I've come to realise that I wouldn't even begin to cope without it!

Giggling is good for you and it's free!

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Oh Yes! How lovely to hear. My favourite song? 'Always look on the Bright side of Life - Monty Python'.


Oh you are so right. Laughter is so good for you. My Mum who lives with me has some memory probs since her last heart attack and says the funniest things. When she was in hospital in Doncaster she thought she was in Butlins. The nurses said they thought that was great lol. My two daughters have wicked sense of humour too. Sometimes when things are all piling up on you a good laugh really releases the tension. Your family sound great glad things are improving.


Laugh and the world laughs with you...cry and you cry alone!!

I am built like Olga from the Volga, any shot putter would kill for my bulk, so when asked how I am I invariably answer......

pretty wony, nothing works properly and most things hurt, but hey I have the body of a goddess so I really don't feel its fair to complain, .the person I am speaking to laughs, I ask why they are laughing and then we both have a fit of the giggles, never fails...................yep laughter is definitely the best medicine.


A lovely post which really made me smile.

I love a good laugh about anything and everything. I'm also lucky to have a husband and kids that have a great but sometimes strange sense of humour.

I also love a good cry to soppy films but that's a whole other story.

Thanks for cheering me up.


No harm in having a good cry either although as Wonky pointed out we are usually on our own when that happens...!!


inspirational blog, sorry to hear of your troubles


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