Pains in the night

I woke at about 3.30 this morning, I was lying on my back and I moved my left leg pulling my foot up pointing toes to the ceiling; then the strangest excruciating pain shot up my leg through my whole body then the right leg did the same, the only way I can explain it is..... If you had strings like a puppet so you can pull the legs and arms up by tightening the strings and then wind them up tight so the puppet was bent over. As all this was happening i was shouting for hubs to help me I needed to stand, he thought I had cramp in my calf muscles and started to rub them, but he was suprised to find it wasn't muscle cramp, somehow I managed to get up off the bed but couldn't stand upright as these 'strings' were still wound tight, Hubs held me and we walked round the bedroom, with me almost screaming in pain, I managed to bend my foot pointing my toes down and then the other foot then arms etc. This took 15 mins or so then he got me back in to bed. I fell asleep for a while and woke at 5.30. I do hope you can understand what I'm trying to describe but more than that has anybody else had this as this is the 2nd time this has happened to me and its a bit scary.

Tricia x

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It's hard to say but my ex husband used to get this. It was like in the top of his leg??? and the pain was awful. Like you say scary I almost don't want to say but get it checked out. Do you have any hard areas in the leg. My ex had had an arterial bypass in the back of the knee and he always thought it was something to do with blood flow. I don;t know whether I should say scary things Tricia because it could be innocent, but I should mention it,I know you are due in tomorrow. Julie x


My RA is always playing tricks with me. I get trigger finger from time to time, it's when a finger locks and I have to crack it to get it to move. I also get cramp in my legs and elbows which lock and I shout with pain to get it to move.I get Bakers cyst which is a fluid on the knee. It have to be drained. Yes it's best to get it checked out. Hope you get better.


Hi Guys

Thanks,i'm not sure whether it's a form of cramp, I had a stenosis on my lower spine aout 6 yrs ago thats when your spinal fluid gets cut off because the spine has calcified. very painful lost use of bottom half of body for 48 hours, then operation lasting 11 hours, home 3 days later. Miricle. So that may be acting up as i'm lying flat. The bodies a strange thing.

Beeper I get cramp in my fingers i have to get hubs to pull it out. I'm fed up of RA not going to talk to him anymore.



had cramp in foot and calf today.. just been to dr about ra forgot to tell him oh well


That soundsd just like what happens to my hands during a flare. They curl up in a matter of an hour or so and its as if they are on tight strings. It takes ages to uncurl them and I have to run water on/off them etc.

Its really painful and weird. its like trigger finger over both hands....... RA is a strange thing isnt it.


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