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Monday morning

I have had a bad night. Ended up crying my eyes out at about midnight,poor hubby and daughter. Hubby had to get up at 4am for work so he hasn't had a lot of sleep.It's only a couple of weeks now until i go to see rheumy and then hopefully she will be able to give me something. I have been up since 6.30 this morning,very tired.

I have put the washing on the line and am waiting for second lot to come out and i'll put that out as well. Then i will do nothing for a while. I have the papers and a magazine i will read them and see how i feel later.

It has the makings of being another nice day. Shame i am at the hospital this afternoon. I've ot so she might be able to help.

Well my friends have a lovely day and i hope the sun shines for you all. xx

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poor you sylvi, the OT might be able to help you or even make contact with the rheummy so that you can get something quicker than waiting two weeks. I am doing washing today as well - i seem to always be doing it. I find i can't put it out on the line using the pegs have to use a clothes horse instead. Enjoy your reading.


Hi Sylvia, I still think you should see your Gp urgently for better pain relief. Probably unlikely you could get an earlier appt with the rheumy but worth ringing his secretary to find out. Don't just put up with it. That's totally wrong! Medics are there to help you not the other way round. You pay their wages after all! Get hubby or your daughter to jump up and down, scream and shout if you don't feel up to it yourself. If I was any nearer, would be doing it for you! LavendarLady x


Hope you're feeling a little better Sylvi. You really should be given better pain relief. The amount of pain you're in is really not acceptable. Have you been back to your GP? I do feel for you, big hug x


Yes I agree Sylvi - better pain relief is essential even if it's morphine pads or something? When is your knee op going to happen? Hope you are feeling better after seeing the OT at least.



Hi all, ot saw how i was and didn't say a word until we got in the room. She said she could see i wasn't up to much. She offered to ring ra,but i said i would be alright. I know i am a fool,i'll say it instead. I have a brace for my left hand as well. She is going to order me some gloves for my hands. She will ring when she has got them and make another appointment.

I had a snooze this morning before i went down the hospital,but i still feel like i've been through the wringer.My daughter has to bgo to work for 6pm so she will be having an early bath,so i will get in after her and will go to bed and rest.

The sun didn't show here until 3pm so my daughter brought the washing and put it on the radiator. My neighbour dropped me off and hubby picked me up and brought me home.



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