Small receptacles for disposal of syringes when travelling/holidaying abroad ?

Hi folks, Paula C has been so helpful telling me much about travel with syringes etc and we were both interested in a cool bag Julie49 spoke of.

I have read through my info packs from Enbrel, Humira and Simponi whilst making my decision on which to take (think it will be Enbrel) and lots of info there re temperatures and storage but there's one thing that perplexed me in one of my info packs. It said on preparation for holidays ... Don't forget to take a disposal bin with you!!! If the ones for biologics are like the MTX ones which are like a yellow plastic waste bin of about 10/12 inches high then this is not possible. To take it for one/two needle(s) etc?

So, is there some smaller travel disposal box?


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  • Yes ask your home care delivery system to supply a small disposal bin. They do a variety tof sizes

  • I will thanks when I get started on a biologic next month. Could do th a small one more like a lunch/Tupperware box but suppose it has to be what is deemed safe. Thank you for your prompt response ;-)

  • Not travelled abroad yet with humira, but I do have a small bag that used to hold my portable CD player. It has 3 compartments is plastic lined, so could hold 2 small ice packs if required, plus injection materials.......

    Just a thought, some of the medical equipment overpriced. Ask your delivery supplier for advice though also the NSRA help line.

    Enjoy you holiday

    Carole :-)

  • I have one from health at home who supply the embrel it is a mini mini bin small enough to contain about four injection pens also they will do you a letter to say that you are carrying injections x

    Could you tell me which cool bag you have been looking at thanks xxx

  • I too have a small bin from HAH. For the flight I have bought a bag from amazon which keeps the meds below 8 degrees for 24 hours.

  • Now that's interesting re different sizes. I asked for a travel bin from healthcare at home and was given one that's about half the size of the big bin, but it's still pretty massive - certainly when compared to the max size of Easyjet hand luggage - probably 20cms tall, and takes about 15 syringes. It would be great if they did an even smaller one! Polly

  • Thanks folks, and the little cool pack looks as though it is ideal, Phil, thank you! Big mommy, I will ask HaH once I get started with a biologic.

  • Big mommy, thank you for telling me of the mini mini bin! I haven't seen any cool packs. It was someone who posted recently about one they had been looking at, but hadn't got back on here to say which one. Watson, I have exactly what you are describing re. CD carrying case too! Clever ;-)

  • To be honest here I just put mine in a plastic box and put them in my bin when I get home. I always put the tops back on the syringes. We are going away soon and I am thinking this time of taking a plastic beaker with a top to use, I've only got to inject twice while I am away. I have got a travel sharp box but like whats been mentioned it takes up precious space in our luggage.

    I've seen the link for the cool pack and I am impressed....thank you. Just want to add here that Enbrel can be kept out of the fridge and is still OK to use for up to four weeks. Once it's been taken out of the fridge you can't put it back in. It needs to be kept between 8 - 25 degrees. Don't know about Humria.

    While we are talking about sharp boxes I want to ask about the ones week keep at home. I ordered a new one with my last delivery and it is so small. I inject twice a week, I was told by the nurse who came out to show me how to inject MTX to put everything in the box. I normally put it all back into the bag that the syringe comes in and pop it into the box. I've only been using it for two weeks and it's already filling up. I don't think it will last for eight weeks. The box that I use to get would last for months.


  • Call HCH and they will put another in the post to you, this happened to me once and I gave them a call, another was posted that day to me.

  • Hi Paula, thanks for your info. I have the largish yellow bin from Healthcare at Home for MTX and it lasts quite some time. Strange the one's they are giving for the biologics are much smaller then? Yes, a beaker with lid sounds also a good idea to take a couple of syringes etc.

    I was reading in all my biologic literature this week that you must put your biologic in a fridge once you get to your destination abroad? Is that ok to do that as

    long as it has been kept at the right temp in your cool travel bag?

    I think Julie49 spoke of a little bag with a thermometer which hung outside it so you could see at a glance it was keeping cool.

    My bioogic info said never recao syringes but I would do exactl the sake when travelling for safety. I wouldn't want to jab myself or sit on one and end up in some casualty department abroad. Thanks Paula!

    NK xx

  • HCH will supply you with a thermometer if you give them a call, plus will let you have the correct receptacle for carrying it and the used ones.

    If anyone is going on a cruise then the cruise line will leave a sharps bin in your cabin and deal with the contents for you. You must pre-warn them with a phone call first.

  • I've been given the smaller one for both the MTX and Enbrel, I know it's not going to last till my next delivery!!!

    If you kept your drugs at the right temperature (2 - 8 degrees) whilst travelling then put them straight in the fridge when you get there. When we got on our holiday last year we still used the thermometer to keep a check on the fridge, just in case it wasn't working properly.

    Healthcare at Home supplied it free of charge, its got a digital read out with an alarm on, a long wire with a probe attached to it. This lets you check the temperature without having to keep opening and shutting whatever you've got the drugs in. If you keep peeping at the drugs the temperature will rise and unlike your fridge there is no motor to kick in to cool it down again. I have been told that they use to supply a cool bag for travelling but when I enquired about it was told that they don't anymore.

    It does say in all the literature not to put the cap back on the syringes once used, but I was told by the bio nurse that this is really for when someone else does the injection so they don't prick themselves with the needle.

    Paula x

  • Thank you, Georje ;-)

  • i have a small device called a BD Safe clip, if the needles are similar to the ones used by diabetics then that shoukl do the trick, nice and discreet too :)

  • Thank you for the link, Scotstigress! ;-)

  • Thanks Paula. I put the cap back on myself.

    NK ;-)

  • I went abroad when I'd just started injecting MTX and I didn't have room for my sharps bin so I just put them back into the casing of the metoject boxes and put them in my suitcase and straight in the sharps bin when I got home. As long as you aren't taking the used sharps in your hand luggage then it should be fine. I had a letter from my GP and took the Metoject in my hand luggage because I was warned it could get too cold in the hold. Tilda

  • Thanks Tilda for your help. Yes it makes sense to put them in the case/hold once used. I had just wondered if there was any health and safety requirement to have them in a small sharps bin for returning.

  • Last time I flew home I put the plastic box in my hand luggage. I remember saying to my husband if they won't let me take them on the plane then they will have to get rid of them. I had the box ready at security, told the man what was in it, had to open the box up and he had a look inside I do re cap all my needles, so there wasn't anything sharp in the box. Next time we go away, husband says we can manage with just hand luggage, (this may change when I start to pack mind you), but if he gets his wish I will have to carry it on the plane with me.

    Paula x

  • Paula, thanks for the info. So helpful. I would do exactly the same as you have. If they said you can't take them on board then it is up to them to safely dispose

    of. I like to often roll things into hand luggage and travel light also with a holdall shoulder bag to take on board. It saves madness at baggage reclaim. Thanks again.

    Julie ;-) x

  • The other thing that helped me was we were delayed for about 10 hours so I asked at the information desk and they kept my injections until we were called for boarding. Also ask you Rheumies for a letter re your injections and tell security you have them as you r going through, they don't get upset if you have a letter! Make sure they stay in your hand luggage as they would freeze in the hold and b) in case your luggage gets lost. When u think though you only have it once every two weeks so normally you only have to take one injection! So I just put the cap back on and keep it in the box, makes it easier at customs. Xxxxx

  • Thank you for the advice Allanah. I do think they eill be used to people taking injections and drugs. I have always taken a copy of my prescription for drugs in tablet form but never travelled with an injection. I wondered about the needles in hand luggage but as you and Paula have said, it needs to be with you n case it gets lost or stolen and you need to check the temp. I am nit sure when we will go away ... I am just getting it all sorted in my mind. I do so want to feel well enough to go on holiday in a few months when hopefully Enbrel may have worked sufficiently enough to have much improved mobility.

    Julie x

  • I am still waiting for a call back from HCH as there is a cost for the items mentioned. Were they expensive?

  • hi.neonkitty,the website for the cool bag to take on holiday is called frio,it does different sizes a good site to go on.i also didnt know that you could get a smaller sharps box to take on holiday with you,will ask about one of them when my next delivery of injections come.juliex

  • Thank you, Julie 49. I will check out the website.

    Julie x

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