Compression gloves???

Good morning folks.....Hope the sunshine is helping you all.

I am waiting to start on Enbrel but because of planned eye operation, my wait will be even longer. I've been on prednisolone prior to and during my Enbrel assessment but unless i take large doses (which my rheumatologist doesn't want) I'm in persistent pain from my hands.

I have splints and ice packs which help a little but I'm now wondering whether compression gloves would help.

Has anyone tried them? There seem to be a bewildering array of them on Amazon...Can anyone recommend a particular one?

Or anything else which my help? Im just about at my wits end trying to get through each day...

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  • Hi I think it was amazon I got my 2 pairs and they are great tight fitting but make a big difference because I get a lot off bother with my hands

  • I would definitely recommend getting a pair. They really do help. I got mine from the occupational therapist so cannot Comment on the gloves from amazon etc.

    Such a lot of damage was done to my hands but as well as the gloves another thing that eased the pain, was flexing my hands and fingers in hot water.

    I hope you find something suitable to ease your pain.


  • I have AS, which has started affecting my hands since I stopped methotrexate. I bought a pair on amazon recently. I do not feel they are very tight, but I have slim hands. They do seem to ease the pains a bit though, they were only £5.99, so perhaps if I bought more expensive ones. Does anyone else have slim hands, and have found a pair that feel snug?

  • I bought some compression gloves on line but I think they would've worked if they had fitted properly ( they are too big ) I can't seem to get any small enough. X

  • I got mine from the hospital occupational therapist. Found them hugely beneficial for the days when my hands were so sore, particularly in the winter

  • Hi yes I bought a pair of compression gloves from Amazon & yes they certainly do help have worn them through the night when my hands seem to be at their worst. Having the correct size is paramount for maximum pain suppression but When I ordered mine just followed the buying instruction & they were perfect. Mine have extra grip on them in the palms they weren't cheap though at £19:99 but what price do you put on pain relief. Hope this helps.

  • I have purchased two pair from different companies on Amazon. The Dr Fredricks pair are well made, comfortable and help a lot. The second pair are from Vive. The seams immediately started to unravel and the fingers have come apart and they are not as comfortable as they other brand. My rheumatologist says to wear them at least six hours a day, or night, for the most benefit.

  • I've been thinking about buying a pair. Thanks for the advice.

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