Cimzia whilst travelling

Cimzia whilst travelling

Hi all,

New to the group. Have RA. New also to Cimzia. Would welcome and appreciate any feedback concerning travelling to usa with Cimzia. Healthcare at home sending me a travel letter for customs. Also sending me a travel sharps disposal. I'm also on mtx injections.

What are your experiences please? Any problems etc?

Thanks people.


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  • I travel backwards and forwards between the Middle East and the UK and inject Humira. I haven't had any problems. As long as you have your travel letter for customs, you should be okay. You could contact your airline and ask them for any info too. Make sure that you carry it in your hand luggage and tell security at the airport that you have it. That's what I always do. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie. Most useful. Appreciated.

  • Biggest problem I see is keeping the Cimzia cold while travelling. Have you asked HHA about supplying you with a special cool bag? You need to ensure you have access to refrigeration and are able to freeze iceblocks when you need them.

    You need to plan to keep a cool chain throughout your travels. Cimzia needs to be kept between 2-8C. Systems used for insulin are not suitable for Cimzia as they aren't capable of maintaining these temperatures.

    I hope you enjoy your travels.

  • I bought a travel pack for injections with ice blocks which guarantees to keep injections at the correct temperature for up to 18 hours. When I travel from the Middle East , my journey takes 12 hours, door to door and the ice blocks are still frozen solid when I get home. Clemmie

  • Where did you buy the travel pack?

  • It's called iCool Prestige Medicine Travel Bag and I got it from Amazon last year. ( Hope this doesn't contravene posting rules!) Clemmie

  • With the HAA letter, I never had any problems with airport security. I just hand them the tupperware box containing the letter and the injections and they never put them through x-ray. I always planned my journeys in between CIMZIA, even if that meant shifting the CIMZIA injection by a few days or even a week. All the best and happy travels. Vaya con dios.

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