3rd session with the physio today. As I had had my sub clavicle something or other injected on the 18th November, she really put me through it. Shoulder was really painful afterwards but has settled down as the day has worn on. I have also got a resistance band to use - bright yellow - Berry has been eyeing it up as something else to play with! I have to use it 4 times a day in sessions of 10 at a time. I have to hold it between my hands, twisted round my hands, keep my elbows tight into the sides and then move my right hand away which apparently will move the shoulder joint. I see her again in January. She is pleased that there is better movement in the joint and I also have to watch my posture as well. I also have to put my fingers on the shoulder and move the shoulder back without moving my fingers. Not as easy as it sounds. But anything which gets it more or less back to normal has to be a good thing.

It has been pouring with rain with very high storm force gusts. The rain has been thrown against the house and all the gutters are running and overloaded. Berry keeps growling at the noise. We had floods the other week when the sea came over the sea walls but fortunately, did not do too much damage. At the moment, no flood warnings are out along the coasts.

We were ok as on slightly higher ground. It would take a flood 100' high before we are inundated as the marshes and river flood plain protect the village. Also very cold again -wind chill factor rather than icy weather. But cold again tomorrow and snow is threatened in the next few days. Just hope it is not as bad as the last 2 winters - got really fed up with that.

Himself has gone off to his Rotary meeting so I guess I will have to take Tilly for a brief walk this evening unless he is back before 10. Been in my lovely warm jodhpurs and boots all day - I can recommend jodhpurs which are very cosy and much better than jeans which seem to let all the draughts through and are very cold unless you have leggings underneath.

Went down to Boots to get some stuff this morning - couldn't believe the amount of traffic on the roads and everyone trying to get into our big Tesco's. Talk about stocking up for a seige. I really don't understand this mad dash to stock up with vast quantities of food when the holiday is only for 3 days! Shops will be open Xmas Eve and open again on the Wednesday anyway. I already have the Ham ready for Boxing Day and we are out Xmas Day at friends. So it is really the normal food + some extras such as cream, extra milk and extra loaf of bread but I can always make some if we run short, sausage rolls and mince pies.

Just about ready for Xmas - all the presents bought but haven't yet done any cards - will do them this weekend. Tree comes in on the Sunday before Xmas and we have some carol services to go to followed by hot mince pies and mulled wine + a friend's birthday party Xmas Eve.

Forgot my MTX yesterday so have had to have it this morning which has pushed back the Enbrel to tomorrow. I must admit after the first 4 weeks of nausea, the increased dosage of MTX seems to be working. Wrists are hot today and the odd creak from knees and shoulders but otherwise not too bad at all. Did have to have a couple of days of Nurofen earlier in the week as knees and feet hurt very much as did the shoulders and elbows - think it may have been caused by the tail end of the cold as everything ached for 10 days anyway.

Hope everyone has a lovely Xmas and New Year and remain relatively free of pain and other problems. LavendarLady x

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Hi LL - lovely blog!

I've got the news on tv and am on my laptop in bed as the weather does exactly as forecast now and the storm is starting to hit us badly. So far no worse than it's been on and off for the past ten days ie pretty horrible! It was quite sinister earlier on when the gales of the morning dropped in the early afternoon - the calm before the storm so it felt. Now it's picking up and up. OH has a nightshift tonight - he parked the car down the road earlier because the forecast is for dangerous wind (we are used to very strong winds here but apparently this will be winds of well over 100mph) and blizzard conditions as snow starts later on. Fun (not).

I went to the physio today as well but she was quite brief with me - I think she was fretting about the weather and if she'd manage to get home later or not. Just gave me an ultrasound massage for my knuckle area and a reminder to smother hands and wrists in olive oil and put disposable gloves on and wigggle them about in very hot water daily to "limber them up". I've been doing this and today they were much improved as she noticed - but I took advantage of this to do lots with them and now they are sore and swollen yet again. Strangely the olive oil sinks in so much that when I pull the gloves off my hands feel dry and not oily at all?

The lights and tv keep dimming now so i suspect I might be left without power soon. Our dog hasn't been walked for a few days beyond a quick run with OH and me holding on tight to each other dressed in plastic stuff. I couldn't wear jodphurs just now because I'm struggling to pull breechs up at all so just need quite stretchy leggings with loose elastic plastic trousers over when out.

Middle son is at his 2nd night of panto now - Alice in Wonderland and he has one of the main parts as Joker. He says he has to dress up in the most embarassing costume i can imagine and I'm looking forward to watching it on Saturday last night as he's Mr Cool and I'm amazed every year when he volunteers to go on stage and make a fool of himself! Bit worried about him walking home at ten tonight in height of storm but can't do much about it and certainly not going to risk going out to meet him as we are on side of a steep hill and westerly gales usually hit us full on. Wish me luck with the night ahead LL and glad things are improving a bit for you at the moment. TTx


Tilda try and purchase a hot was bath. They make your hands & wrist feel absolutely lovely if heat helps your joints that is. Amazon have them at the moment.

Hope you son panto goes ok and you all manage to make home before the really bad weather starts.

Wrap up warmly

Joanne x


Hello Tilda - hope your son got home ok. My brother in law is greatly into amateur dramatics and the pantos are great each year! I have never heard of the the olive oil thing that you are doing - do you just soak your hands in olive oil?



The heavy rain has just hit essex london borders. We have had winds all day. Just got in from walking the dog and I got caught in the wind and rain. My forehead is all hot and I feel as if I am burning up. It just started suddenly, so we got caught in it. Beginning to feel hot & achey,so we have a shower 2 cocodomols and bed for me.

Our chrimbo tree goes up this wkend. My son is doing it. I did manage to parcel up most of the families presents that I am posting this afternoon. If it's not to cold and I feel ok, my son & I will go and post them at the post office tomorrow.

Hope everything goes ok with your embrel

Wrap up warmly if you go and walk tilly

Take care Joanne x


I'd just like to careful what you say about physioterroists, as I am one!!! LOL!!!

Lovely to read about your posts though x x


How funny, I read physioterrorists as meaning you attack & destroy our pain, not us. So I thought it was a nice description! P


LL, my dear old mum used to say to me, " shoulders back tits out front" and strangely it seems to work,its also makes you look more confident than you probally are.This disease has sapped any confidence i had before.

I was supossed to go to birmingham tomorrow to see a tattoo which my daughter is carrying the standard. We are supposed to be at the n.i.a. at 1.00pm for her to go through a rehearseal. That meant we would have 5 hours to kill until the show starts at 6.00pm. I was looking forward to the german market and the local market as well. We think it will be too much for me at the moment,the cold,the length of the day, plus i'm in the middle of a flare up. So it looks like i will be home alone tomorrow.

Take care

Sylvi. xx


HI LL hope the winds didn't hit you too hard - it was bad here but by about 5pm it had calmed down and it was relatively peaceful. I am like you at the minute re the shoulders - my upper arms and shoulders are agony at present - i need to get something otherwise i won't be able to get some christmas shopping done. I wonder if it is too late for online?


Today, after seeing physio yesterday, my shoulder is extremely painful. Had a very bad night and gave up trying to sleep at 2.30 and went into the spare room. Still awake at 4 so read for a bit. Must have dropped off as then heard the grandfather clock strike 6 and again at 7 so must have dozed in between.

Feel absolutely shattered today what with lack of sleep and pain.

LavendarLady x


I hope you are better v soon lovely blog x


Oh my dear Lady! You sound so good and cheery! Your letter is just tantalizing, like hot mince pies! Oh my word, how I love mince pie. My family always had mince pies for the holidays, both Thanksgiving and a month later at Christmas. Seemed could never be enough of it! But hot! Oh my word, that sounds divine! Many of my Grandmother's customs have originated in England, as my Grandfather was from Ireland, I suspect they overlap. My fondest holiday memories are at my paternal Grandparent's at the holiday dinners.

I inherited her lovely linen tablecloths, Oh, one is pure white and has large shamrocks woven into the fabric, so when the lights hit it they are highlighted. There are matching napkins also. These days, we resort to the paper ones, for practicality. I have used the Irish tablecloth a few times, once for my youngest son's wedding reception at our home, when we had a big house. Well, bigger than this condo anyways. Requires pulling the table out further. Can't do that here, unless I run it down the middle of the living room too!

I also inherited my Grandma's Haviland china sets, she always used for her Bridge Club luncheons. I used to go to her house and help her get ready for one of those days, so loved washing those beautiful dishes, covered with rose buds!

Now I have 4 grandaughters, but not sure any of them would treasure those dishes as I have.

At any rate, your Christmas festivities sound wonderful, despite this weather. Sounds the same here! Rained for 5.5 days straight, snowed an inch last night, more to come tomorrow and also bitter cold and windier! Yikes!

Jodhpurs and boots, hmm, that's different here, but rather classy! Do you have horses?

My new daughter-in-law, and thus, my son, have one horse, they stable her at a place where there are others stabled and the owners take turns feeding and bedding and exercising all of them. That's how those two got aquainted, he offered to help her with barn chores. Novel approach!

I'm supposed to be doing on-line Christmas shopping! But I always want to check in with all of you first, and then you can't shut up my fingers!

Have a wonderful weekend, and all next week too. XX Loret


Hi Loret, I used to have 4 horses, two ponies, one hunter and one retired race horse. But since I have had RA (diagnosed almost 4 years ago), I cannot ride any more and I do miss it terribly. Being up on my hunter he with one ear back listening to me talking to him, and hacking through the woods and fields was bliss. It is a long time since we had our own horses but until recently, I did ride and exercise horses belonging to our local farmers. I also used to hunt and ride cross country events and point to points. But couldn't do that now without an ambulance and several paramedics in attendance. Can't risk being thrown off because of the joints and the risk of breaking something major.

But I still wear jodhpurs as they are so comfortable and ideal for dog training as well. Even if they get wet and muddy I am still warm and they will wash out overnight and be dry the next day. I have 3 pairs, one brown check with suede patches on the knees which are a bit tight for me now, one chocolate brown and one black.

If you are having hot mince pies, dollop some cream onto them as well. I also make rum butter - a recipe handed down from my great, great, great grandmother and all the women on that side of the family make it every Xmas. I also have linen tablecloths which have come from my grandmother, two of them are lace edged with deep lace done by hand. Damask cloths with lovely patterns on them and matching napkins. I also have my mother's favourite tea set - Old Country Roses by Royal Albert which comes out for best. My dinner service is bone china, blue and silver and really lovely. Made by the Japanese firm Noritake who have an English outlet. We bought it before we got married and I have managed to replace things which have got broken and also made it up to an 8 place setting instead of 6. Fortunately, the company is still in business so I can get replacements.

Hope the online shopping goes well. Love LavendarLady x


Hi LL, Finally got all the shopping done, plus added a couple things for me and the house. Shipping is no charge over $50, ha, no problem getting to that! Things should all arrive by Saturday, some sooner. Then it will take me the rest of the week to wrap! I simplified things, bought sweaters for all the kids.

We get the group together every year at our family party,before they get too busy and then worn out, and take group pictures Last year we started having everyone wear red sweaters or shirts, so we will do that again.

We may not be able to have our get-together until New Year's Day, as most of our young adults have to work weekends, especially the holidays, as they all work in restaurants. The 4 grandaughters do anyways.

I volunteered to have Christmas Day dinner here, but my daughters-in-law say they know I will overdo things, and they don't want that. They insist it's their turn! I reminded them that my mother was still holding Thanksgiving dinner at her house when she was 85, so I figure I still have a few more in me.

After reminiscing about Grandma's Irish linens, I wanted to do it again. I have a lovely set of Fransiscan Ware, from Selb, Bavaria, Germany which was a wedding gift from my Grandmother. I hardly have much opportunity to use it, since the family insists on me being a "guest". I love this china, I got to pick out the pattern with my Grandmother before our wedding.

It's very white, with little blue acorns, with a touch of peach on the top of each one, and the plates, etc are trimmed in silver, or probably platinum. With the white linens it makes a lovely table. Now nobody gets to see it.

My oldest son Tim, who has been married almost 2 months, always enjoyed me getting out the china, so I may give it to them.

Being an RA victim sure does have far-reaching implications! Otherwise, I would be preparing for Christmas dinner for 23 people, and loving every minute of it. And initiating young people in the preparations.

Hope everyone over there enjoys the season, and has a better New Year! Hope I haven't bored you! Love, Loret


Hi Loret, your preparations sound awsome. 23 for dinner! Wow. No wonder your daughters in law want to take the burden off you.

I have done meals for upwards of 30 people but in the form of a buffet so they could help themselves. My dining table seats 10 but 12 at a pinch if 2 are children and last Xmas I had everyone round for Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. Will be doing Boxing Day again this year with 10 people but going to friends on New Year's Eve. We are out for Xmas Day at friends so saves me having to do a lot of preparation.

Enjoy yourself and let others take the strain! Love LL


LL, What is Boxing Day? I heard it was the day after Christmas, was originated because people would put gifts back in the boxes and return them. Is that it, or is it a myth over here?


Hi Loret, Boxing Day was when the owners and aristocracy at the Big Houses gave all their staff presents for Xmas. Nothing to do with returning gifts!. The staff would line up after breakfast and be given their gifts by the Lord of the Manor or his Lady. It was also a day when the younger members of staff, kitchen maids etc were able to take half a day and visit their parents if they were close enough but mainly it was the giving of gifts. I think we are the only country that keeps Boxing Day as it is the 2nd day of the Xmas holidays for us. Usually, it is a day for seeing friends,enjoying the hunt, walking etc. before going back to work the next day. LL x


LL, :D Over here, we call it R&R day...Rest and Relaxation after the previous days!

But your custom sounds more Fun and Festive :)


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