move into a flat or stay in house???

hi all as most of you may know i have oa in knees and possiably ra in elbows and hands i having a knee replacement very soon, i have lived in my 2 bed house for 4 years but have now been given a chance to move to a new build 1 bed flat,as my hubby says i struggle every day with the stairs and some days have to stay upstairs in bed as its too painful to come down,but do i give up my house or not,we not really into gardening and grandkiddies don,t use my garden any longer so my hubby says move now before my knee replacement!!! what do you all think as i so unsure weather to move or not xxx

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  • I guess the real question is whether it will impact your lifestyle or not. Maybe ask yourself if you can cut down your possessions enough to fit in the smaller flat, is the flat on the ground floor, or will you have to rely on working lifts, will you lose privacy with having people all around you, will it be better for you for getting around, what's the location like ...? I know that's more questions rather than answers, but you're the only person who really knows what's best for you. It doesn't sound like your husband has any objections!

    Good luck, whatever you decide! xx

  • Yes it really depends what the new build flat is like - is it in a nice block and on the ground floor - is the area as good for you and will it have disabled access? If the answer to all these is yes then it would probably be worth moving out for if it improves the quality of your life. Tilda x

  • We moved into a ground floor flat a few years ago after selling a house on three floors. We've got a walk in shower and plenty of space. It's in a brilliant area, by bus routes, local shops etc. I think being on one level is lovely, but it's one of a number of things that add up.


  • hi all thanks so much for you responses to this, the flat is totally new built,near all bus routes shops and family and drs and hospitals and i won,t have to change drs (as can,t deal with that while i have pts) so all looking positive and we been watching them be built so hopefully next year they will be finished and i can get one!!! hope ur all good and gentle hugs to those who may be in pain today xxx

  • It is a big thing moving into a one bedroomed flat froma two bedroomed house - have you considered having a stairlift installed? They are not as expensive as they were years ago - and you can also rent them! And they can also fit all stairs!

  • I think it's only natural to feel a bit apprehensive about moving. I live in a bungalow and i have often wondered what i would do if i had stairs in my house. I have had a lot of problems with my mobility lately and i am so grateful that i'm all on the one level.

    Good luck with the knee replacements x

  • Thanks milli,my hubby says move now whilst I still can walk he hates me having to struggle up and down the stairs,and like he says the knee replacement. May not work and even if does they have to do my left leg at a later date so I think I will move to the flat!!! Just have to wait and watch them be built,many thanks x

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