Oh my paws and whiskers

Very bad couple of days. Woke up yesterday almost unable to move. Got out of bed with great difficulty and managed to get down stairs to let pup out and feed the rest of the menagerie. Himself reclined in bed a bit longer before stirring himself. Berry Pup had a mad 5 minutes round the garden. Still digging up plants and bringing them in to show me! Spent the day dosed up with Neurofen having taken my MTX in the morning, occasionally staggering out of my recliner chair to make a drink or some lunch or to let pup out. Couldn't even go to work. Everything hurt but shoulders and feet particularly bad. Have put it down to the weather which was atrocious. Better today and as my cleaner away this week, have done all the downstairs including washing the floors. Overdone it as usual! Still very bad shoulders, feet and ankles, and now the hands and fingers have joined in the act as well. Spot of good news, Berry pup has passed his puppy certificate from the kennel club and got a blue rosette as well as his certificate. He is now worn out with all the work at puppy class and showing the others how it should be done. Starts bronze class next week and shortly after, will start gun dog training once he has been neutered. He has fallen in love with Molly who is a collie/lab cross and I think the feeling is mutual except Molly has been "done". So no chance there. Saw a white rabbit the other evening driving towards Swaffham. (I was driving not the rabbit!). No sign of Alice, or a large hole to fall down, or a fairy door. Very disappointing. Not even a bottle saying "drink me". I have lost faith in fairy tales. Hope I feel better over the weekend. The damp doesn't seem to help - we have had torrential rain here off and on today and I am sure that has contributed to the "screws".

Now going to settle down and watch a bit of TV - Berry pup doing his shadow bit and curled up by my feet. LavendarLady

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wow you are great log writer.. love it but sorry you are so poorly.

. I Just go up.. was at work early hydro before work!! then worked til 1.30pm then gold injection and blood test and I am knackered.. metho tires people too! x


Hi Dot

Lovely blog. I love hearing about your animals. Sorry you are not feeling so good. I've had a couple of wobby days, not sure if it's the soggy weather or just overdoing it again.

Have a bit of a rest and take care

Julie xx


when i say to my ra people that the wet weather affects me, they say there is no clinical reason for it, but it does.

lets hope for sunshine and eased joints.


Update today. Right leg is very painful as is right hand and wrist. Right hand hinge on jaw has flared meaning I can't close my jaw on that side. To add insult to injury a filling came out last night taking most of my wisdom tooth with it + the tooth next to it and the dentist doesn't open until Monday! Difficulty in walking and can't close my right hand properly. My son has just been up to look at a socket in the wall which was fizzing and has changed it.

Children came with him. Berry pup hid in the corner and shivered until I coaxed him out, made a fuss of him and told Matthew (3 1/2) not to flap, jump about or scream. It does worry the dog so much. But he was very good and gave Berry a puppy bone, stroked him and let Berry sniff him. Olivia (6 1/2) kept jumping back and squealing. What has made that child so scared of her own shadow is beyond me. Berry pup actually barked - first time I have ever heard him. I think he surprised himself. All I can assume is that our son brought the children with him last Sunday when he was looking after the animals whilst we were on the Broads, Matthew probably flapped and jumped about, Olivia probably did the same. It's no wonder Berry is frightened. Tilly the older lab has gone out with Himself as he is running the bar at our local village club (the committee take it in turns to do so). So trying to have a quiet day - not out tonight but a BBQ with friends tomorrow. Hope the weather is good. It is very off and on here today again. Definitely overdid it yesterday.



Feet up tonight & have a good relax......I always keep a spare romcom to watch when hubby is out and I know its bad but I love it. Makes me forget my aches & pains for an hour. It must be lovely having the little pup to cuddle up to. Hope you arew feeling better soon.

Sue xx


Hello LavenderLady. Just had to respond and say I live in Swaffham!!


Hi Loulou. Thanks for that. Perhaps we could meet up sometime. I am just outside King's Lynn in a village but I do come over to Swaffham regularly as I am a member of Swaffham Rotary Club. LavendarLady


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