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Can naproxen really make such a difference?

When my steroids got increased to 40mg I was taken of naproxen due to issues the two together can cause. Well now my const has changed her mind and put me back on it. I don't feel wonderful bu I definitely feel an improvement. Can it really make such a difference when enbrel, mtx made no difference at all? I'm scared to say its made a change incase they don't let me try another anti tnf??

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Hi Marnie, my answer has to be yes it does make a big difference.

A couple of mths ago my GP asked if I was getting any benefit and I said I didn't think so, so he advised me to stop taking them due to the other risks. Big mistake.

I was back on them within weeks, I could hardly stand up straight, walking was painful and my arms/hands just didn't feel like they were part of me anymore. I do have one problem though, my bowels don't like Naproxen and refuse to work!

One thing I did notice when I wasn't taking them though, was my bowels got back to normal within days, so after 2 mth back on them I've stopped again, just to see if my bowls returned to normal again, sure enough they have but, my hands, shoulders and hips are already starting to play up. So I'm seeing my doc to prescribe a different anti-inflammatory to go with the other meds.

Good luck hope you get sorted soon.

Beth x


Hi Beth

I take indometacin suppositories as my stomach can't handel tablets any more ;-( But they really work. A lot of other anti-inflammatories doen't make you constipated and also i have found if you are consipated that movecol really works and doesn't cause stomach pain while you are taking it (unlike senna!!!)

Ella x


Thanks Ella, I take Docusate daily and Fybogel (can't take movecol) every other day. My doctor hasn't mentioned suppositories probably because I wouldn't be able to insert them (not a nice thought either!) my back/pelvis is seized and I can't bend. lol


Beth x


They're great for some people but some HATE the idea (my husband included ;-)



Hi Sweet

Any anti inflammatory makes a big difference, the odd times i haven't taken mine for whatever reason within 6 hrs of the time i was meant to take it i was in sooooo much pain, so imagine what a few days can do to pain! Unfortunately the anti inflammatories are only dealing with the painful inflammation (which does help), but the dmards (anti-tnf etc..) are to treat the underlying auto immune desease that is going on inside you.

Don't worry about it if you mention it as the doctors will see this ;-)

Glad you're feeling good though ;-)

Love Ella xx


Hey sweet,

Yeh I'm feeling good! Makes the being stuck indoors so much worst though. Still can't walk but the overall pain is feeling good, going to reduce steroids next Monday.......scary stuff but I'll give it a go.

I see you have become a volunteer, good for you.

MSG me about your recent appointment ive been waiting to see it you blogged.

My hardness is still there but less painful. Hoping that the naproxen shows I Defo have RA and something else not just misdiagnosed As RA like consult said could be poss.

I'm going to venture out tomorrow. Whoop whoop!

Lots of love

Marnie x


Hi Marnie

Yes they do work - i stopped taking them as i was concerned about the health risks(with ny rhuemy's agreement).Within days i was gobbling them down,again i never realised how well they do work in combination with other drugs.

Glad to see you're feeling better and you seem a bit more upbeat.I really hope they can diagnose you properly so you can get some treatment.

Have a lovely day out tomorrow.

Take care

Julie xx


Hi Marnie - so pleased to learn that at last something's working for you - even if only a small improvement. And yes it definitely does suggest that some sort of inflammatory arthritis is going on so that should help your case re other anti TNFs I would imagine.

I have learnt that NSAIDs can be very effective recently because I'd stopped taking them while on the Prednisolone and then went back on them as I stepped down and it seemed to work quite well for a while - I think they work best when i haven't taken them for a bit and then start up again? Maybe that's why Naproxen is working better for you now?

I'm having time off ibuprofen - my GP has never suggested Naproxen and I think i know why -he doesn't want to encourage rheumy to think i'm okay at all as he wants him to make a decision about what I've got when I see him tomorrow. But GP did prescribe 1200 mgs of ibuprofen a day to stop me from waking all through the night with locking joints and terrible pain. I've stopped for a few days now so that rheumy sees me tomorrow as I am without the drugs and it's pure hell - mainly in my hands, fingers and wrists this time.

If it's like this still tomorrow morning then things should go well with rheumy because if he says "inconclusive" again i'll.. well I don't quite know what I'll do but it will hopefully make him think? But i do remember my whole body being in this kind of pain head to toe before I started on the Prednisolone and it seemed to reach a peak over a week and then burn out a lot the next day so hoping that doesn't happen again until after tomorrow at least!

Good luck coming off the Pred. TildaT x


Hi Marnie. good news on your improved pain levels.. think a little trip out would be so good for you now you are feeling better..can any one organise that for you? x


I'm also prescribe naproxen and am on mtx. my understanding for being prescribed naproxen is that it acts as a kind of muscle relaxant, so as we all know when your joints are painful you muscles tend to clench and spasm which can be excruciating. Naproxen helps to counteract this which is why your general pain overall should drop one on naproxen. It certainly seems to work this way for me




I only take Naproxen when my inflammation is really bad. As Callendargirl I am prescribed Nap. and mtx. - sometimes I take Napr. every day for several days as they said one or two won't do the trick. I am susceptible to constipation so I take Colax every night - herbal supplement from Holland & Barratt - works like a charm. H & B also have their own brand of same thing - try it if constipated. I also have started using Voltarol as I have tendonitis now in my achilles and it was suggested to use this gel to rub in to the area - doesnt hurt your tummy.

Lynn x


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