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R/A treatment


Afternoon, i went to work for a couple of hours this morning, which is really helping me, When sitting on the till a member of staff ask me how i was, which i think was really nice of them, He ask me what the difference was to Rheumatoid arthritis and some other arthritis, as i went to explain a customer who was listening said i have RA and i brought this manic bangle in the center which has really help her, she told me that she didn't believe what she was being told neither but felt that she would give it a go, to her amazement it has worked, she also said that when she moves it from one side to the other of her body she really notices the difference, i ask her what other meds she was taking, she replied all i am taking is apple cider vinegar, she also showed me her hands which were swollen and i ask her if she had it any where else, she said yes in most of her joints, I know people have spoke about certain things like this before, but this customer seemed so genuine but it made me feel as if i was complaining about nothing especially when it was in front of a member of staff, Has anyone else ever tried any of this? When i told her that my brother has had it for 15 years and is in a wheel chair she didn't really say a lot more a part from to give it a go, As she was leaving the till i thought to myself well how can it be working that well if she is still having swollen joints, surely that's the hole point of this treatment we are on is to stop it attacking our joints, so that we don't end up in wheel chairs and operating tables, any succession of what i should say to her when she comes in next, That's if she asks, but i'm sure she will XXX

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I wonder if this lady was actually diagnosed by a rheumatologist or diagnosed herself. It's amazing just how many people say they too suffer with "rheumatism" thinking this is the same as RA. My mother in law always says it as she has stiff knees but we all know she has OA. Also there are huge differences in the severity of the disease from one person to the next so even if she does have RA you just can't compare. I really doubt the NHS would spend vast sums on medications and blood testing etc if RA could be sorted by a simple bangle and apple cider vinegar. I would advise the lady to ask for referral to a rheumatologist if she has never seen one as she could be setting herself up for organ damage if she has uncontrolled inflammation.

Paula x

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i second that paulywoo some very good advice there. hope you ok shirl dont go doubting yourself, only you know how bad you are, you dont have to prove it , you are not under the hospital for a few aches and pains hun . glad you got to go back to work and it helped keep smiling uxxx lena

She doesn't have ra if she had she would know about it as we all know. Like paula has said she probally has oa,which is not as bad as ra. xxx

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Thanks Syliv, can you get swollen hands with OA to? XXX

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To my knowledge not like us with ra. They get joint damage,but not the swelling or the fatique and they are geared round the weather. If it rains they feel worse unlike us when it is relentless.xxx

I gave a magnetic bangle a go but all it did was make my wrist green :)))) but what works for one might not another,glad you felt better for going to work shirl xxx

That will properly be what would happen to me:((( as i can't wear anything that isn't gold for long periods of time, i will also come up with a rash, I think i will tell her that when she comes in, it will get her of my back:)))) XXx

Yes i have tried magnetic bangle did absolutely nothing for me.xx


Hi Shirl

I read your blog with interest as I've had a couple of people say to me...you should give one of those magnetic bangles a try?!!! I'm all for trying to help my RA with alternative therapies rather than drugs but really... Do they work?? Like Paula says if they did we'd all be queuing up for them....I might give one try to find out though;). Great to read you're back at work and feeling better for it...hope it continues! Xx

sylvi in reply to Hidden

Lets put it this way,if these therapies work why are we not given them. That tells you all you need to know.xxx

Thanks everyone, I have just spoke to my brother and he also agrees, he was just speaking to someone in a shop that told him that their mum drinks Aloe Vera juice for her RA, He told me just to take no notice of people like that, they don't know what they are talking about, i suppose this is something i am going to have to get used to working in a shop:(((

I have my appointment with the rhemy tomorrow, i will let you all know how i get on XXX

i also tried the magnetic bangle and it did nothing for me at all xxxxx

maybe she was drunk on her vinigar lol xx

I tried copper/magnetic bangles and my wrists actually got worse! As for vinegar isn't acidic food bad for RA?

Also everyone is different - I know two people with RA, one refused MTX and just has a herbal tea every day, she just has slightly stiff hands and no other symptoms, whether it is the tea or just a mild case I'm not sure, probably the latter. I asked about the tea and there are just a few natural ingredients in it like any herbal remedy.

The other person had it in his hands too, he was diagnosed the same time as me, only takes sulfa and has a full time job and an active life. I PM'd him on Facebook to ask howe he was getting on with his RA and he replied like he wondered why I was bothering asking. I think some people are lucky! xxx


I've felt just in the same position as you many times Shirl. Its hellish and often puts me into a state of denial or wanting to pretend to myself and everyone else that I haven't got it either which is so unhelpful! Recently I asked on here how to deal with a friend whose daughter has had RA since she was in her 20s (on mtx and anti tnf) but who never seems to think its a big deal. Her husband is going through chemo just now and of course that is a very big deal and my heart goes out to both. But she was very flippant about her daughter and my RA recently and it really upset me. Also my cousin supposedly has RA but when I emailed to ask her about it she never responded. Her mum told me she just keeps a flask of brandy for when the pain becomes unbearable because she doesn't want to take "the bloody drugs they advise". I have some sympathy with this myself but we all know that it takes more courage to acknowledge this disease and take the drugs than to wear copper bracelets or rely on herbal remedies. Just tell yourself you're the brave warrior and think of your brother. I certainly will! Xx

The only light i can shed on this and it might be of interest i have alway worn my bioflow wrist band since strike two which was in 2005 and i thought it was bull *.* and i also took apple cider vinigar with a drop of hunny in it

some times we would go out and the pain in my knees would start i would wonder why then look at me wrist band and found i didnt have it on when ever i had it on the pain was less

then with the apple cider vinigar and wrist band everything just cleared up could not run or anything on me legs but it cleared up just a bit of pain in winter months.

BUT NOW nothing works i am verry sceptic more than the average person but it worked for me the second time.

so i suppose its dont knock it till you try it and no their is no way it was in the mind it just whent better but i did put a lot of effort in with that in swimming so maybe that had an effect also .


well that my peneth

this john for ra news at nine had a flair yesterday and realy realy fed up after doing so well for the last couple of weeks

Hi, I Started wearing a magnet bracelet before I was diagnosed with RA, to help with my fingers, I initially thought it helped, but then a few weeks later my whole body seemed to be under attack, so I think it was just coincidence. My husband has Apple cider vinegar with honey very day, he has OA in his knees, he sais his knees feel a lot loser and better for it, I tried it, didn't notice any difference, but then I didn't persevere with it, coz even the smell of it would make me gag. It was recommended by a friend who's Mum takes it for her hands and said she has RA,, but once again I think she has self diagnosed, she has never been to see a rhumey consultant and as someone else said I don't think a lot people realise what RA is and that it effects everyone differently. Although gotta say I will give anything ago lol

Thought I would put my two pen in as well. Well done for going back to work hope it all goes well. Even if the wrist band helps ease her pain surely if her joints are swollen then there is still inflammation there, which, correct me if I am wrong its the disease attacking our joints that's causes the inflammation and pain, so we take our pain killers but still need our other meds to control our immune system attacking our joints.

She might be pain free but what's going on there that she is unaware of.

I have oa in wrists, toes and ankles. No swelling, redness or hotness. But very fatigued!! I think the main noticeable difference is the redness and hotness.

I spoke to a chat at the gym I go to. He refuses "western poison" and insists on taking natural remedies and healthy diet. He goes to india a couple of times a year to get more herbs from them and tried to persuade me to buy it off him. However his hands back legs etc r so badly deformed by years on this regime that I would prefer to put my trust in my rheumatologist.

I also spoke to my gp and rheumatologist about diet and was told that there is no significant research to prove that any particular foods/diets can drastically help. But reassured me that a gd balanced diet will help everyone in general.

Therefore I agree with all above - this disease is very variable even from one day to the next as well as from one person to the next so we have to take advice from general public with pinch of salt and trust our rheumy team to advise and treat us in the best way possible for us as individuals.

Gd luck with ur return to work.

thanks for your wise words, Take Care XX

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