Week 11 on mtx and rheumy appt update

Hi everyone !!!! Fantastic news today which I would like to share with you all.i am now on week 11 of mtx and this last 3 weeks have felt a huge improvement in my joints and my general well being ,hallelujah !!! Hardly any stiffness and pain in my shoulders and fingers and once again I can kneel down on my knees,haven't been able to do that since April !! I now walk up and down the stairs normally.lets hope this may long continue and for now I'm one happy bunny,what a lovely Xmas pressy for me :))))

Onto the rheumy appt with my nurse today,I was so excited to tell her how great I was feeling,she already knew how well I felt because of the gleaming smile on my face wen I walked in.she asked if someone was feeling better,which I replied oh my god yes.she was very very pleased for me and told me all my blood results,my esr was at 28 and on week 10 of mtx it was down to 14,under 10 and I am back to normal,this wonder pill has worked wonders for me?she is not going to increase my mtx at this present time,but if I feel any stiffness and pain coming back,to ring her and discuss,her next option if this was the case is to up the mtx to 17.5mg then few weeks later to 20 mg,if no further improvement hydroxy will be added.but at the time today I am staying as I am !!! She said as I have strong /positive anti ccp I will always be closely monitored as there's a chance mine is aggressive RA,I asked her does this mean I will be very bad in the future,and she replied absolutely not,not now you are being cared for and treated.if I wasn't I would be in trouble but this is not the case.she told me to go home and have a fab Xmas as my RA seems to be well under control on mtx and then my subject turned to alcohol.......

She laughed as I explained my need for a Malibu or some wine over the weekend,at Xmas parties coming up etc etc,she checked my liver results and all good,so told me my hospitals guidelines for alcohol while taking mtx is 10 to 14 units a week,I screamed with delight and said well is one small glass of wine 2 units and she sed yes so even though I won't I can now have 5 small glasses over a week,but not always at once.i will not do this every week of course not but at least I know my limits.the last 3 weekends I have had just 2 small glasses of wine on a sat nite and its been lovely as I was too scared for 8 weeks wen I started mtx to drink anything so went teetotal,she sed my alt has stayed the same throughout,last Mondays blood test was fine and I had my 2 glasses of wine the sat nite before,so now I'm gona relax a bit about this subject.i k now some of you cannot tolerate any like tilda she gets a raised alt even after a tipple,so we are all different,so as long as my bloods come back normal every month I will continue to enjoy my little luxury,if at any stage it doesn't i will stop.she sed it would go back to normal and to stop worrying and enjoy Xmas.i hope this helps some of you wen worrying over alcohol.have your blood tests,make sure they're ok and then you will reassured.my family and friends are so pleased for me today and Claire my lovely mate on here,who is doing wonderfully herself has showed massive support,friendship and care,thank god for this site.i know I'm good today and next week I may not be,but TODAY I'm feeling great.positivity is my goal.lots of love to you all Michelle xxxxx

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  • What a lovely experience you have had and it is great for folks on here to hear these positive stories. I am really glad for you that you are feeling so well and that you can imbibe again you will not need to have a dry xmas. so congrats to you and hope it continues for a long time if not forever that may be a bit much to hope for.

    Thanks for sharing your story here with us and hope it keeps peoples spirits up to know that there is good out there when they are feeling bad

    take care and have a very merry xmas


  • Well you've certainly made my day Mich with your news just look at your previous blogs and now look at u ....you'll have the heels on in no time lol :)) ...so good mtx working for you and that u are remaining positive ...u enjoy your couple of glasses at fhe weekends my lovely u deserve it and long may the good news the good and even better blood tests continue ...we all have bad days and that's all part of this disease I guess but good news like this cheers us all up and makes it a happy day ....lots of love Claire xx

  • That's great news Michelle - well done I'm delighted for you. Long may it last! And enjoy those tipples on my behalf too please! Tilda x

  • Good news xx

  • well done michelle .. thats great news ... keep up the good work .. im so pleased to hear some postive news ,, i know you wasnt looking forward to increasing MTX ,just before xmas .. so thats great .. you can now relax and ave a drink or two ...

    are you sure about malibu ,,?? its yuk .. :)

    andy xx

  • Yuk never !!! Yummy yes yes yes !!!!! Xxx

  • awwwwwwwwww, im so happpy for ya !! thats what we need once in a while some great happy news to cheer us all up. i havent started mine yet the doc is contact the rhuemy to see what does i have to start on, i got a steriod injection so im not in any pain atm, hopefully my MTX tabs will come soon.

    xxxx jonsi

  • Brilliant news Michelle. Really pleased for you. We have to keep positive and keep battling and it seems to have paid off for you.You have brightened all our day:-) Have a drink for all of us tonight. I'll raise a glass to you and your continuing good health.

  • Wots she like Andy 'Malibu' honestly .....wish I could take her out for a couple of decent PROPER drinkies especially tonight but she lives too far away grhhhhhh ...she's a bit partial for a drop of the old vino though not all coconuts and pineapple then !! :)) ...

  • Hu hum Claire !!!!! Malibuuuu is the finest coconut rum in the world I can tell ya :))) but wine gets me more fuzzy haha,so wine it is for now lol !! Xx

  • hey !!! dont forget me ,, if your all going out for a drink ... im not drinking malibuuuu tho :)))

  • Michelle i am sooooo happy for you...... it's great news that you didn't have to increase the MTX,

    I know how worried you have been about drinking to much, So you GO GIRL!!!!!! and enjoy your Christmas tipples you deceive them ......... It so great to hear that positive results can happen from taking MTX , And there is hope for all of us on this site......

    Well done Michelle. Lots of love Shirley xxx

  • Michelle, that's fantastic news!! I'm so very happy for you! Have a fantastic Christmas, and enjoy your freedom :-)

  • Thats great news merry christmas x

  • Great news and so nice to read this.

    I am on week 7 come Monday and am on 20mg MTX. I am also on pred at the moment of 11mg. The past couple of days I have flared but will be seeing my nurse on Tuesday so trying to cope and stick it out til then.

    I don't drink so will have no problem over xmas but it is so nice that your RA will not be dominating your xmas fingers crossed.

    Have a wonderful pain free Christmas and new year x


  • Fantastic to hear you're doing so well, and even better news that you can enjoy a festive spirit or two. Relax and enjoy youy xmas.


  • Fantastic to hear you're doing so well, and even better news that you can enjoy a festive spirit or two. Relax and enjoy your xmas.





  • aww thats great news michelle hope it lasts lol. michelle :)

  • brilliant news good luck xxxx

  • It's good to read a positive post on here. (No, I'm not condemning the negative posts, cos we're all going through it at different times and it's good to let off steam!!). It shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and with the right dose of the right meds, life can be so different! Enjoy Christmas!!

    Ally x

  • Great news, glad that you are doing well, enjoy christmas and also don't forget the new year!

    Wendy xx

  • Your story so cheered me up and made me LOL, thank you

    Judith xx

  • Judith u make sure u keep LOL !!!!! Xxxxx

  • Excellent !! This is why I wrote this blog,to hopefully cheer you all up.we may all be at different crossroads,I'm good now but mite not be nxt mth who knows but for now I'm smiling and wanted you all too :))))) take care Michelle xxx

  • thats brilliant news to read you are doing so well ,quite inspiring that you can have malibu too i am on my second week of mtx and hytx cant wait to get my first blood rseults to see if i can have a glass of wine too keep taking care of yourself monique xx

  • Monique I didn't drink for a few weeks as wanted mtx to have its best possible chance.but last 3 weeks i have had a couple of glasses of wine every weekend and the odd Malibu,as long as you have regular blood tests and they come back fine you will be ok.just make sure you never miss a blood test.week 12 today and nurse did say if mtx alone doesn't work hydroxy will be added so will let you know how I get on.how are you feeling on the mtx ok ? Love Michelle xx

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