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Rheumy Appt Today


Having weaned myself of the small amount of Pred that I was taking, I trotted off to my appt today. Basically, after 4 weeks of zero medication, I’m kind of back to square one. Which is ok, my choice.

So, I have a script for Methotrexate, which I have filled. Suggestion for frolic acid was 0.5mg/day - which on the basis of excellent information here, I’m going to personally upgrade to 1mg/day (not MTX day) :)

She thought I was “educated” about MTX - whereupon I heartily promoted NRAS and this forum :)

She suggested I might like to join Arthritis Australia - ‘Cos - sub branches, meetings, like minded folk, etc. I said no, what I’ve seen of their stuff is all white, middle class and happily married couples - of which I’m only white, and the rest is appalling, and I’ve told AA this is my opinion. Said, the forum here is excellent for information.

So, Tuesday, after taking some frolic acid on Monday, I’m going to take my 10mg of MTX. Heartened by positive conversations here, I’m going to do my best to avoid the No-placebo effect - I very much hope, cheers Deb :)

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Hope the MTX does it for you. I love your little typo 'frolic' acid. Sounds just the thing!!

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It’s not a typo, someone did accidentally call it frolic and I’ve seen people using it - sounds like more fun :)

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Me too. MTX day is "no frolicking day".

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I've not noticed it before so I'll attribute it to you! Re AA I think support groups can potentially be tricky. A friend of mine went to one and felt everyone was worse than her, so didn't feel justified in going again. Some groups of people can be cliquey, but on here its a random mixed bunch, mostly kind and friendly, which is great.

Good luck!! Do hope it's the one for you

I do hope you respond well to MTX, many do & I know you'll work out that often here it doesn't seem the case, because those doing well on it don't generally need to be here, expect me & a few others!

Sorry to pick up on something because it sounds better the way you spell it but it's folic acid... though frolic is good! One thing though, as you've decided to increase the prescribed 0.5mg/day to 1mg you'll run out way before you'd be reordering your script, unless it's not being prescribed & you've to buy it over the counter or your script is for doubled dose not 28 days or a month, not sure how they're prescribed/dispensed there.

It's good you're starting on a low dose, that hopefully will help should you have any side effects. More helpful may be not taking your dose all at once, taking 5mg with breakfast & 5mg with your evening meal, unless your Rheumy has directed otherwise.

All the best, again I hope MTX suits you & you notice improvements soon.

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I deliberately called it frolic - as have some others, more fun lol

Also, frolic is not on prescription, she told me to buy it in the Pregnancy Aisle 🤣

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Ah, I've not noticed! As long as it doesn't confuse newly diagnosed, can imagine all sorts of puzzled faces! 😕

I guess availablity differs. Here in the UK you can buy 400µg tablets, only 0.4g or 400mcg. We're prescribed 5mg/day which is prescription dose. I wish all countries agreed on dosing!

Good luck Yanni, wishing you the best with your meds.


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