Early appointment to see rheumy - update

Must say a big thanks to you all who commented on questions regarding hydroxy.

Nurse phoned early this morning, listened to my symptoms list and gave me an earlier appt. I am going tomorrow to get a steroid injection and to be started on mtx.

I am not going to be excited as I don't want to be disappointed if it does not work and I still have the dull ache/pain in particular in my hands, despite getting more meds. I am hoping I will respond and will eventually find some kind of medium at least.

So all wish me luck ( Iam hoping my blood test results will support me being able to go onto mtx, last one was ok, hopefully nothing changed to much this time).

Oh - how long on average will the steroid injection relief last??? Will I get it in tablet form to continue for a few wks or will it be just the injection???

Cheers team - you are all stars in my book


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Thats good news.Steroids come in tablet reducing form and can also come by injection .Sure your Rheumy team will discuss the best option with you .Good luck.


Good luck with the blood tests x


Glad you got in so quick.Are you able to take someone with you it just helps if someone can remember what was said as it can be difficult to take everything in.Try and rest up for at least 24 hrs after your injection as it gives the injection a better chance to work

Good Luck



Hi J

Hubby is taking tomorrow off to come with me. I have been keeping a health log since my first initial appt. I am also going to take that with me plus all the drugs including the additional stuff the GP has prescribed. Although I haven't been on them long (anti flams & increased pain relief).

Thanks for your comments



I wish you all the luck in the world Sci at your appointment tomorrow. I haven't had much releif from the steroid injection but have had good results from the oral steroids (most of my blogs lately have been about the wonder of them). That is a great idea about the log - i think i should start doing something like that too.


Hope it goes well for your appointment.

Sylvia. xxx


Hi SciQueen, I have had good results from steroid injections which begin to work within 48 hours and reduce pain and inflammation quite dramatically. The only problem is a sore backside for a few days on the injection site! The in jections are quicker acting than the tablets so your consultant may go down that route first (bit like a sticking plaster on a wound!). Take your prescription list along as well - I find it very difficult to remember the drugs I am on when asked!

I would urge everyone to keep a log/diary of their day to day symptoms. It helps to write it down and is useful when you see the medics as often when they ask how you have been, it all disappears from your mind immediately!

It also helps if you are appealing against DLA decisions and such like.

LavendarLady x


Hi ll,

Yeah I totaly agree with the diary comment, I sent for the nras diary called raise it with your doctor. It's a diary along with lots off hints and tips off what to log and what to ask your doctor and you can get it free from the nras website.

Julie x


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