4th Rheumy appointment

Had my 4th appt yesterday and more blood tests etc. My doctor was discussing putting me on Mtx as i had been on Hydroxy but it did not suit me. I had more bloods taken and another steriod injection (in my rear!) which i have to say i am feeling a bit better already. Had a whizz around the kitchen later in the day as could not sit down and carried on cleaning even though wrists and fingers very sore. Anyway my doctor was explaining Mtx and when i go back in 2 weeks pending the output of the steriod and the blood test results, this is what she is going to put me on along with possible other meds to combat the side effects. I am only in early stages of RA which is why i am only now being introduced to the drugs. But when i am reading all the blogs, i am very nervous about going on this as the side effects seem pretty bad. She also told me that her objective is to avoid any joint damage and the earlier we catch it the better it is for me in the future. What did frighten me was that she told me 1/3rd of people with RA give up work within 2 years and this is what she wants to try to stop as that is my main worry. At present i don't have any joint damage but lots of pain and tiredness but looking at all the blogs and the problems everyone has with this illness, it looks like this is what i will be experiencing in the future.

I am still trying to carry on as normal and refuse to wear the wrist splints i was given yesterday and also still trying to wear heels which is proving impossible so have had to relent to some flat boots as a start for the winter anyway. I am gutted I feel so different to what i did 6 months ago and feel I cannot plan anything. Don't want to discuss it with other people as they think it is the same as Osteo and don't understand it at all as i am sure you all agree it is very different so i don't bother.

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  • Dont overdo it with the steroid jab x

  • Hi Debbie,

    Glad you feeling good at the moment and hopefully as you are caught early your joint damage will be minimal.

    I would support what Summer said and be wary of overdoing it on steroids, as they only masks what is happening, and from experience I would say it is true that resting your joints may prevent damage.

    Steroids do not work on the disease but just help as a bridge until they can find the correct combination of dmards to 'put out the fire' that is inflammatory arthritis.

    I am diagnosed 3 years and am still working! i have always worked part time due to family commitments, but I would have had to reduce from full time with this condition. Your Consultant seems to be of the same frame of mind as mine, she wanted to keep me working also, this is as much for your sense of well being, and worth as anything.

    I am sure in time, you will feel well again, don't be too hard on yourself or think too far ahead at this point, enjoy the good days and rest if you have bad ones. Work will always be there & remember your health is your wealth.

    Regards, Gina.

  • Hi Debbie

    I've been diagnosed for 6 years an still work so it's not all doom and gloom!My employers are very supportive an this makes a huge difference.I take MTX injections an have had no serious side effects apart from occasional nausea.I do wear the wrist splints for work and i find them invaluable.Hopefully when your on the rght treatment things will improve

    Take care

  • Hello Debbie

    Can identify with everything that you said and i can only echo what the others have said it is not all doom and gloom.

    Though mind you i have been gloomy on the blogs here for a while but i have still been working and do not want to give that up as it is a really necessary lifeline for me.

    I have been diagnosed nearly a year now and my work has been supportive allowing me to work from home for a few days a week and i have used annual leave to take some of my appointments - such a lot of appointments and that does have to be discussed with managers etc. But the blood tests ensure that there is no side effects to anything that you are taking so that is reassuring.

    One manager has been difficult but that has little to do with RA. I have still not got sorted on a dmard and have had ups and downs but despite that i have been able to go to work.

  • there are plenty of nice flat shoes out there for you, there is always a way round everything. I have given up work only because i was made redundant. Nobody wants to employ you when they know you've got ra.Keep your chin up things will get better in the end.

    Best wishes. Sylvia. xx

  • Hi Debbie,

    I was diagnosed with RA in February and started immediately on methotrexate. I've had absolutely no side effects from it and it had such a good effect on my RA. Since then my consultant has added in hydroxychloroquine and I have days now where apart from some discomfort and mild stiffness I am pretty much pain free. The days that aren't so good are still a hundred times better than before I started treatment. I try to be good and wear flat shoes during the day now and my feet ache after a long time on them but I can wear heels again on a night out (it sounds really vain but at 29 not being able to really bothered me!). As for work, I'm a paediatric nurse on a very busy inpatient hospital ward. I work 13 hour days and 12 hour night shifts. Sometimes I have to ask collegues for help, for example holding a child still for certain procedures or moving heavy things, but on the whole I manage and have no intention at the moment of changing my job or cutting hours. I tend to be worse on my days off (probably after overdoing it at work!) but I love my job so I just make sure I rest and take it easy on my days off. I understand about not wanting to wear wrist splints all the time but I find wrist splints really useful when I'm sore and I just wear them around the house.

    Take care


  • Hi Debbie,

    you made me smile at your stubborness to not wear splints or give up heels :)

    Van Dal shoes, TLC range have some nice wedge very comfy shoes, nearest thing to heels I've found, expensive but worth every penny if it makes you happy, I've been on a mission to find nice shoes. I have have found a bitchy side to my nature since being diagnosed, all these people wearing gorgeous heels out there who clearly can't walk in them properly!!!!lol (sorry)....

    I'm only a newby but have been on hydrox, sulpfasalazine and mtx all at once, it is very scary but I really didn't suffer any horrid effects thankfully, have some hair loss but I also had a baby just before diagnosis so that didn't help. The mtx didn't make me sick but for a few days I don't feel like eating much, helped my weight though...

    I am now on mtx and enbrel which has worked so far :)

    Yes, the earlier the better, I feel very lucky as mine seems to under control after only 10 months and I will be going back to work part time in a couple of weeks.

    Take care


  • gina what was the steroid jab kenalogue injection?

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