Consultant Visit Today

I am so lucky to have an amazing consultant.

Got a steroid injection so I know a couple of days and my hands will feel good again.

We discussed my bad reaction to MTX tablets. He has put me on MTX Metoject injections.

Starting at 7.5 for a month then going up in 2.5 every month.

I am just hoping and praying that this doesn't have the same effect that the tablets had on me.

They are on order so will let you know when I get them and when I am going to stab myself!!!


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  • Hi, pleased you had a successful appointment, fingers crossed injections will agree with you,The consultant must think they won't have the same reaction but it will still be scary trying if you are anything like me. Hope you don't have to wait long before you get them. Tracy xx

  • You are so right Tracy.... Terrified!

    The longer I wait for them the worse I think I am going to be!


  • Have they said how long you are likely to have to wait?xx

  • glad to hear you had such a good & understanding appointment with your consultant. hope the injections work for you with none of the side effects from the tablets. take care of yourself. love Alison x

  • Thank you Alison. I will let you know

    Hope you are having a good week


  • Prescription gone to my GP, hopefully will be with chemist tomorrow. No idea if they keep it in stock or not.

    Hoping to have it by the weekend. Then to decide what day to take it on.

    Dreadful to have to think.....ok what day of the week do I want to feel sick on!!


  • good luck with injections.. weekend yes.. in stock no they will have to order them community pharmacies dont stock them routinely... health care at home or the new companies that do this service can sometimes deliver them direct, but it depends on your hospital not all hospitals are set up to provide this service via health care at home.

  • Summer.... So does my GP still write the script for the chemist?

    Then does the chemist organise getting it, or do I need to do something?

    So lucky you know about these things


  • not sure were you live I ASSUME so sounds lile tidas situation. they will have to order them as I said before! in my health authority health care at home has a contract for this as it is vat loophole, if it comes through hospital pharmacy 20% vat appplies if we dont handle it a huge cost saving, some chemo drugs as well as biologics are delivered this way "bypassing the hospital"

  • My GP writes the script for mine but then that's maybe because we are on an island. Good luck! X

  • I am on an Island also. Though the one I live on is no doubt much smaller than yours. We also have a bridge to ours ;)


  • hey is were the "monkey??__" hotel is I was going there on a living social deal it looked fun, didnt get around to it this time, xx

  • Hi hope you get on better with needle then the tabs. xx

  • Hey :) Best of luck with the MTX injections!! i tolerated them better than the tablets but eventually ditched it for Leflunomide. It is commion for people to react better to injections rather than oral MTX :) it's more efficient as well as you never know just how much your gut actually absorbs if you take the tablets. but if you inject it it goes straight into your system and no worries :)

    I've tolerated low dose MTX injections very well up until 12.5mg so I'm hoping you'll be just fine :)

    Best of luck, let us know how you get on and I'm hoping that the injections work better for you xxxx

    Christine xx

  • Thank you Christine. I will let you know


  • Dreadful time yet again.

    Have just written a blog about it

    Really don't know wat to do next


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