Early appt. to see Rheumy update - 2!!!!!!


I have a DAS of 6.63, so my disease is still very active despite that fact that I have being taken hydroxy for bout a month. Nurse has started me on mtx (10mg), and I start my first dose on saturday. Decided to split the dose 5mg in the morning & 5mg in the afternoon to try and minimise the sickness I might experience.

Elected to have the steroids on a 6wk step down basis as nurse could not gurantee how long the effects of the injectable steroid would last, if it indeed worked for me. 15mg - down to 5mg. Really looking forward to the effects of the steroids because I need some relief from this relentless pain. I'll be watching what I eat very carefully to minimise any possible weight gain.

Downside I am onh 2wks blood check - (I hate needles), for the next 8wks. It's a small price to pay if my disease can be managed at the end of all this. So I am not grypping - honest.

I will update on how I am getting on with mtx.

Have a good painfree evening all


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  • Hi

    Glad it went wellish - your DAS is high so its a good idea to have steroids as MTX can take up to 12 weeks to work.I have to say i've had no sickness on MTX just a bit of tiredness next day so you maybe OK.You have my sympathy with needles -i used to be loathe them but i'm now even jabbing myself and your bloodtests should reduce to monthly when your stable on MTX.Don't forget to get your flu jab ASAP too!

    Hope you feel a lot better soon

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • Hi,

    Hope you get good results from the mthx, its the only thing that has helped in the slightest with me well that and the steroids but they only mask it all.

    I agree with Julie I started two years ago sacred of needles now I have the two weekly blood monitoring and inject myself twice a week something I thought I would never be able to do.

    Take care

    Julie x

  • Steroids can be little miracle workers.. I not keen on needles I just dont look!, you will get used to it xx

  • just wish u could have steriods without the wieght gain.

  • Me too- I am finding out that they are little miracles. Swelling already starting to recede - awesome.

  • i know its terribile at how excited u get when the dr say u can have injection ,

    i know they only last so long but the feeling of being to lead an almost pain free life is addictive

  • I am certainly enjoying the feeling of almost being normal again. Got to remember not to over do it though, really tired this morning as I cleanded for England - well perhaps Essex yesterday (manage to clean all 3 bathrooms and put on a wash, haven't been able to do that in bout 5 wks).

    I hope the mtx won't interfere with this feeling. I really need to have some pain free time. Had a little pain today - in the morning - had to use pain releife, but been good otherwise since then, no pain relief.

    Me thinks I am gonna miss the little miracles when our time comes to an end, but un til then I have 5+ wks with them wowhoo, yippeee.


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