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The rumey nurse rang me up today and I am traveling to Grimsby on Wednesday morning for a steroid shot. I explained I am in agony and everything is swelling up. Was so pleased to get the appointment. Luckily I am off work on Wednesday. I asked about taking my mtx, but she said don't take it until I have my blood test even though I have to wait another 2weeks for it. That will mean 3weeks without mtx at least! She said my last blood test there were 3of the tests were not right and also said after my steroid shot it should make my blood test come right! So here is hoping she is correct. I want to thank you all for your kind replies. X

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Hi Carolsos same hospital I go to x

That's great Carolsos. Let's hope you can get some relief, it won't be long now. Hope they can get you sorted out at last. Take care. xx

I’m so glad you are going to get that shot. Couldn’t they do the blood test on the same day? It would be worth asking ... especially if you are there anyway. Seems rough to make you wait two weeks.

Carolsos in reply to bubblyalex

Yes I am going to ask that while I am there!

Good news, good luck with the treatment

Yes I go there.Sometimes a steroid shot helps.Hopes it's not too long before you can resume methotrexate. Maybe a biologic might help you more if that is affecting your bloods.As bubblyalex said ask if you can have blood test while there.Hope you are feeling better very soon

Same hospital as me and the doctor that gives the injections is brilliant. Good luck x

That's good. I hope it helps bring down that inflammation. Sometimes it can take a little while to notice positive effects so don't worry if you don't feel improvement straight away.

At least you shouldn’t notice not having your MTX, the injection should bridge that gap.

I hope all goes well and hope you get relief.

Had a steroid jab in my posterior a couple of months ago l made them laugh as I said my problem was in my knee and the doc said he was a poor shot and needed a bigger target cheeky ............ Hope it works!

Well thats a good one to remember for the next shot. ! xxx

I hope that the steroid injection gives you some much needed relief whilst you are not able to have your MTX x

Yes I do too, I really hope it. Works!

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