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Knee Replacement


Hi, Well the deed is done, I had my left knee replacement last Thursday and was allowed home from hospital yesterday evening. Now the hard work starts to get my new knee going. I had an epidural and sedation and knew nothing of the operation so I am relieved and confidant now that when I get my other knee replaced next year I will not be as stressed as it really was not as bad as I imagined. In the end I had to have a bit more surgery then expected as my new knee kept dislocation so I have had to have my patella reshaped and a disc in my knee but the pain is not as bad as I imagined. Day two and four post op were the worst but even this was manageable so if any of you are waiting for joint replacements please be assured it is not as bad as you think it is going to be. Have a great day everyone. Donna

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Donna when they get it right it is a great thing. I found that when they did the revision on the knee that was replaced 3yrs ago it was a lot better. I still have a long way to go,but i am getting there. lot os luck in your recovery. sylvi.xx


As you say the worst is over, thinking of the operation, and the hard work begins. Don't try to do too much in one go, have plenty of rests in between and listen to your body.


Hi Beth, it's not me that's had the operation it's dmc12! But a kind thought anyway

My sister had her knee replaced 8 weeks ago, and while it has been a success and she is very happy, it is a long haul to full recovery, so take your time for best results and listen to your body.

The best of luck, gina

Glad it's all done and you are home try to rest and I,am sure I will come to you for advice if they decide they are going to do mine,enjoy the nice weather and take it easy xxx

Thanks for your post. I see my Ortho consultant next week re knee replacements. I have been putting this off for years as I am terrified of ending up worse off than I am now (unfortunately most of the people I have met who have had it done have been very negative). I am only going now as my ankle is turning because of the knee and I daren't let it get any worse. The pain has been horrendous for a couple of years now so I hope that will not continue after the op.

Best of luck with your recuperation, I know it's all down to doing the exercises.


dmc12 in reply to joan_w

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your reply. I was imagining the worst for the week leading up to my op but is was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. I can honestly say I am in less pain now and it is a more manageable pain . Even just a week after the replacement and with the extra work they had to do reshaping my patella and putting a disc in behind my knee it is a lot better. I try to take my pain killers an hour before I do my exercises to give them chance to work and do my exercises every two hours. Today I managed to lift my leg independantly for the first time since the op so already it is improving. I was heavily sedated during the operation so knew nothing until I came to in the recovery room and seemingly you can hoose the level of sedation you want as some people prefer to be aware of what is going on, I did not and don't remember a thing and can honestly say I have no regrets and will get my other knee replaced as soon as the surgeons give me the go ahead. Please feel free to drop me aline if you have any questions or concerns . Best of luck Donna

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Hi Hun how old we're u when u had the knee replacement I'm 56 back to see my consultant today hope he considers me for it? Can't take this pain anymore

dmc12 in reply to Deejojo


I had my left knee replaced last year and I was 41 and I am getting my right knee done at the end of January. The operation took away a lot of the RA pain, I still can't walk far but I am a lot better then I was before I had it done. I hope you get some good news . Donna

Thanks Donna, your message is very encouraging. I am just shutting my mind and going ahead with everything as I know I really have to have these ops. I think my main worry is coming home as I live alone and am frightened of not being mobile enough to manage.

Also I am fed up with operations. I have had 2 major operations this year already. Fed up with being in pain.

I shall be fine when it is all over.


Your post is three years old up but encourages me. I hope your knees are still going strong. I am having both of mine down on 23 June. They are both so bad that there is no merit in having two ops. I am prepared for pain, but a positive healing pain, not like the relentless pain of combined OA and RA.

Hi Jora,

The after is so much better than the before don't be afraid to ask for pain relief I was given ora morph , weeks supply to take home which took the edge off when doing my exercises to get knee joints going. Good luck .


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