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Knee Replacement

Morning everyone and here's hoping you ll have a good day. I am off work this week so have some time to post this. I have a date for my first knee replacement and its next Thursday! I must admit I am very nervous about it especially after having my pre op and educational re it yesterday. I have been told I will have sedation and a epidural as my neck is too bad for a general but my sciatica is playing up at present so will have to see re epidural on the day. Has anyone ha a knee replacement while awake/sedated and what is recovery like afterwards? I am concerned as I need both knees replacing and haven't got a good one to take the strain but I am sure that most of us on here have the same problem. I am hoping to get back to work after four weeks as I have a desk job is this realistic? The nurse specialist has said at least 8 weeks but I can't imagine being that much worse then I am now? Thanks for reading Donna

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Hi, I would take the eight weeks, my husband had a knee operation not a replacement, and he needed the full six weeks recovery that was recommended to him. Hope this helps and good luck for your operation.


Thank you for your reply, I guess I will have to wait and see how it all goes . Have a good day.


Donna,first off best of luck. I had it done under epidural the first time i had mine done. You are asleep most of the time,i only came too when they were finishing off. I recovered fairly well from the op. I will tell you, your going to be lucky to get back to work in four weeks. You will have to go for pschyio for a few weeks and you won't be allowed to drive for six weeks due to lack of insurance during your recovery.

My op had to be redone, but it won't happen to you,i can promise you that. It was an easier recovery period. You can have a phased return to work,but not before six weeks at the earliest. I had phased return after eight weeks and that suited me fine.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes on. Sylvi. xxx


Thanks Sylvi I must admit to getting nervous about it now but it has to be done and hopefully once I have had this one done the next one will be a breeze! I will post an update when I get out of hospital. All the best Donna


If you want to message me with any concerns feel free to i will help all i


Hello Donna, I'm so glad I saw your question as I had both my knees replaced (with an epidural) last year. I had my right knee done in Feb and my left in May, both at Wrightington in Wigan. Although I had an epidural I told the anaesthetic that I didn't want to be awake so he gave me something ( I think it was strong Valium) and I wasn't aware of anything til I woke up. Its been fantastic, my knees were wron to nothing and really hurt for ages I knew something wasn't right but as with RA you just get on with it thinking its just normal stuff!

When I woke up my knee was enormous but the next day I was up and putting arnica on the black bruises. Yes it hurts of course but I'm a big believer in taking whatever is on offer and getting up and moving ASAP. I was out of hospital after 5 days I couldn't really use the crutches as I don't have upper body strength but tbh I didn't really need them. I was worried before I went in but also v excited at getting rid of the pain, the pain is bad but the swelling went down quickly with arnica the other ladies on the ward couldn't believe how the bruising went down each day.

I really believe having seen others after their knee op that the quicker you're up and moving about the better the new knee will be. I had my second one done in May (again yes the pain is bad, but soon improves as you get moving). Now a year later my knees are brilliant. My legs have changed shape and I went down a shoe size (not sure why can only think my knees had been swollen and my legs etc so my feet were also swollen??) but it's fantastic and I'm eternally grateful to the surgeon and staff for giving me new knees.

Re your neck, wear your collar during the op so it reminds them it's bad.

I hope I've alleviated your Worries a little. Good luck Donna please ask me anything if I've not answered your questions. Honestly it's well worth it. L


Hi Louise, Thank you so much for your reply. It has put me at ease re the surgery as I really do not want to be awake and will opt for the strong meds. It was also very helpful to hear about your experience re having two knees that need replacing. I was told four years ago I needed my right knee replacing but decided that I could cope as I was in my thirties and to be honest it wasn't that painful. Hindsight is a great thing as if I had had it replaced then I might not need my left one doing too as this is the one they are replacing first as it is in better shape but more symptomatic in the surgeons words. I have struggled for the last two years but more re swelling then pain but hopefully that will be gone in a few weeks. Great advice re my neck collar too as I cannot move if my neck has not been supported for more then a half our so I will take that with me. Thank you once again I am now a bit calmer about the operation. Best wishes Donna


Aww hope it all goes well do iU mind me asking how old u r ??? As my consultant told me I was too young at 55 but since then had a birthday that was back in July always had trouble with left knee but now my right 1 is even worse no cartlidge bone on bone lets hope he makes the right decision tomoz


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