Second knee replacement

Hello people, I'm sorry to have been out of contact since Friday but there wasnt internet to speak of in the hospital, and I came out on Tuesday to a regime of rest and gentle exercise. This is my first chance to get to my computer to write a proper blog.

Well it was all rather like last time to be honest. Getting up at 5am to be at the hospital at 7.15 then a long wait for the actual op. I had an epidural, so once the op was over I was pretty aware of what was going on. In recovery i had the weird experience of thinking it was like the oopma loompas in Willie wonka, with be-gowned figures rushing around with blue plastic hats on. Anyway I was quickly back on the ward, strangely in a different bay, but in the same equivalent bed to my previous one, with three other women.

I cant eat hospital food, it was quite varied and I got stuff from the M&S downstairs - fruit salads and stuff. Two of the other women were lovely, one had had a horrible thing done to her spine and she wasnt able to move properly. She was lovely, the other one was quiet and had had a hip op but with some complications. The third was elderly, she had a bad RA flare and was in a terrible state, crying and so forth. Its hard when none of you are great to be unable to help someone like that, but the nurses were kind to her and she got a lot of attention from the doctors.

The rest of the stay is about gradually getting back on your feet and doing the tick boxes they'd introduced since last November. You have to be able to walk a certain distance, get into and out of bed on your own, do steps, and if you've had a hip op, dress yourself safely. As it was the weekend I didnt get as much physio as if it was the week, and the night staff were rather thin on the ground - important stuff if you need a helping hand to get to the toilet at 3am!

Anyway I'm home, I think my leg is a bit more bruised than before but Paddy says that my knee bend and straightening is much better than the previous one. I know what I've got to do for the next week or so is to do the exercises (that's what I do in the mornings) and rest when I need. And slowly build up walking. My physio is visiting on Sunday and I'm sure she will encourage me to recover in safe margins.

At least I can look out of the window and see the green coming all over the front and back gardens, and now the sun has come out. One bonus (short term I'm sure) is that the RA inflammation has subsided a bit. Painkillers will have helped.

So that's me. I'm glad we've only got two legs !! But thanks everyone for your interest and concern. Hopefully it may help others waitiing for a knee replacement to know what its like. Mine was a total replacement, apart from that the op was straightforward. Lets hope it continues like that

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  • Welcome back and glad you are back home and recovering. Two new knees in such a short space of time is amazing and by epidural too! Wish you a good recovery and look forward to reading how it all goes for you. I may well be in your shoes one day .... Not literally of course ..... But it does help to hear how others with RA get on during surgical times like these.

    Best wishes 


  • Incidentally BG, did I say that while I was quite inflamed when I went in, that has subsided a bit. I have to wait for my next dose of rituximab until 23 May but its not been quite so bad for the last week. Every bit...

  • Sounds good and very encouraging. After the rituximab there will be no stopping you!

  • Thanks, Cathie.  So glad it went well.  You may be amused that I mis-read "tick boxes" as Kick-Boxes.   I thought that was rather extreme physio!

    Keep it up, my role model.   in haste, Jo x

  • I've never been a role model! So flattered. Paddys just come back from his walk singing Beethoven and suns shining!

  • Glad to hear your op went well.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  • Congratulations, well done brave lady X 

  • Lady with good health care in Edinburgh let's hope that buildings ok

  • Glad you're home and all went well. Now it's down to the right balance of exercises and rest. Good luck !! M xx

  • Sounds like the worst is behind you so onward and upwards... I've no problems with knees or hips so feel blessed that I have not had to have anything like this done. 

    As you say the sun is out although here with thunder, the gaffs are going over but tulips are out, my trees are going going purple and masses of catkins with primroses. A good day to be alive, so take it easy and give orders but do not work in the garden just yet.

    Very best wishes. x

  • I'm pleased you're now home Cathie & that it all went well. I hope your recovery is speedy & it's not long before you're back at your wee hideaway. 

  • We'll be back there in June. Looking forward to it in the meantime recovery!

  • Lovely blog darling and so glad your hope safe and sound .xxx

  • At least I can doze and watch the garden grow ! Not tempted to do any double digging or anything, but I have plans to visit the garden centre to get some herbs for a barrel for Paddy to plant!

  • Welcome back Cathie, and thank you for the interesting update on how it all went.

    Glad it went well for you and hope it does for the other women you shared a ward with.

    Enjoy being home and the sunshine long may it last.


  • It's interesting what you share with fellow sufferers in those circumstances - the things we talked about! Like how illness can sort out your good friends. And what you'd like to drink/eat. Favourite joke seemed to be the offer of intravenous vodka.

  • For a brief while they become friends with a shared experience.

    Vodka and morphine would of been interesting seeing you all dancing with your walking aids.

  • did you see that Dennis Potter tv film The singing detective? They did just that!

  • There's no keeping a good woman down......glad it all over and that your doing so swell. A day at a time and no over doing things, all the best darlin. Jean XXXX

  • hope all goes well for you xx

  • Hope all goes well and you recover quickly and enjoy the spring / summer ahead.

  • Hope I can finally post from the iPhone which is why I've been absent for some months.  Speedy recovery Cathie.  x

  • Hi sorry I've been AWOL .. For months!  I haven't been able to post from the iPhone .. No idea why.  speedy recovery Cathie. x

  • Thanks everyone. I'm keeping topped up with painkillers exercise and rest at present 

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