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Have been real busy of late. Manage to walk the dog every evening without the use of the stick . We walk for about an hour or so and by the time we get back the dog and I are tired, but at least its excercise.

Yesterday we went out for the whole day hubby & I. We had lunch went to the flicks - the batman film is awesome and I think the best in the series with Christian Bale, unfortunatley it is rumoured his last one. Well he saved the best for last! Well worth seeing. Then we went onto visit a good friend in hospital. When I got home I was tired, feet where sore. So I had a bath took a cocod and went to bed.

Woke up this morning with stiff fingers and aching feet, felt like crap actually. First time I've felt so bad since being on cimzia and had to take an antiflam inadditon to the pain relief. First time I've had to take a anti flam in 3.5 wks. Feel much better now, but I guess I must of over done it, this past wk. Still I've enjoyed every minute of my new lease on life, despite having to slow down and rest properly today. I am rearing to go tomorrow as I am wanting to go back to the hostpital and the youngen needs a few new bits before we go on hols - more shopping my favourite past time.

Saw & heard the fire works for Olympics from our balcony on friday as we can see alot of the london sky line from where I live - that was nice, even the dog was on the balc, wanting to know what the fuss was about. Unfortunately I cannot see into the stadium, just its lights.

We where suppose to go out today and take the car out for a run. The boys wanted a drive out in it. So hubby suggested we go to a craft fare. Boys wanted to go to Southend - there's a theme park there. Well its started to rain here - moderately heavy, so I guess where all in for now.

All enjoy your sunday, hopefully you are pain free or at least it's being managed!

Take care Joanne x

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Joanne,it is raining here too sadly. I am afraid to say, but i am fed up with the olympics all ready. I bet there won't be the fuss made of the para olympics as there is being made over the normal ones.

I am pleased to hear that you are having a good spell and that you have got out and about. I know your suffering today,but sometimes we have to don't we. We enjoy our trip out and suffer for it the next day, sad but true.

I am now tired and for no apparent reason. Though i have slept well i still feel tired and i ache a bit as well.

Hope you soon get rid of your aches and pains. I refuse to say get better as we won't get better will.



Hi Joanne. Glad to hear you still sounding reasonably upbeat. It's been raining here off and on for the past few days with long sunny intervals in between - and actually rather lovely although my fingers get icy cold if I'm out too long which annoys me as it's so new to me. I was always the hot blooded one even on a very cold day and my kids and husband would use me as a hand warmer and I was really proud of this. Now it's the other way round and I end up wearing gloves even in July - how weird is that?!

I walked for an hour or so with the dog and a close friend this morning and then came home, made a big lentil soup and went to bed for an hour or two. This seems to be my present pattern and I want to find more energy to keep going throughout a day but can't seem to achieve it. I have had a throat virus/ cold for 4 days now and it's coming to a bit of a head thankfully.

Having four young ones coming and going in the early hours does not help one iota! Hope the weather improves your end - eh what Olympics?!? (said with great feeling from the far North of Scotland and as one whose tv room has been taken over by a gang of youths!). TTx


After the great opening ceremony, I'm working my way through a pile of DVDs. Strange seeing people who are so super fit when we can't do the normal things we used to do. Has anyone picked up that Paula Ratcliffe has osteoarthritis? That's why she has withdrawn.

Away to my personal bubble


Hi All

Cimzia wore of slightly after 12 days this time, so i've spent a great deal of time sunday and monday during the day resting. The morning stiffness has returned just to reassure me that I have ra, just in case I had forgotten. So that's slowed me down a bit. Fortunately wednesday is cimzia day, so I don't have long before I am rejuvenated once again.

Just woke up & my hands are sore. Need meds,

so have a pain free day.

cheers Joanne x


Pleased the Cimza is helping x


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