Injectable MTX and security x-rays?

Hi all. Flying to London from Edinburgh early this afternoon and can't recall if someone said I should keep my metject out of the x-ray when they put bags through? I've got a drs letter and all organised but this one point suddenly stuck - did someone say that the X-ray process might alter the drug in some way or have I imagined this?

All going fine so far. Fred the dog is now ensconced in kennels - felt like a heartless jailer but it is a special dog place where the all spend the day in big pens and do agility stuff in a huge run so hopefully more like a summer play scheme really! He did go mad and whimper sadly as we abandoned him though. Got middle son his suit and shirts and treated the young ones (eldest and his pal and a few more) to pizza express and a new coat yesterday.

And Cathie sorry but we had no time to stop all day but waved at you as we drove through Marchmont! All aches and pains especially in wrists and hands and feet today - knees not great either but i think its just from traipsing about so much yesterday in the rain on hard streets. Tilda x

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  • Morning Tilda

    So sorry I can't answer your question about the mtx - I know you are away from home at the mo but just wondered if you are going to be anywhere near a pharmacy today? Maybe pharmacist would know or be able to find the answer for you pretty quickly. I do hope so.

    Sorry you are struggling with your joints today but really hope you have a good trip Tilda. (And I'm sure that Fred will enjoy his holiday too!)

    Thinking of you.


  • Don't know bout X-rays but I just handed the med bag to the security girl who checked the meds and the letter, I think she handed it back to me but not 100 percent. I hope you have a wonderful time, u deserve it xxxx A xx

  • Thank-you both. I asked the pharmacist at home but she didn't have a clue! Wouldn't have thought about it if I hadn't read it on here when I posted but will do as Allanah suggests and hope for the best! Tildaxx xxx

  • When I was on injectable MXT I took it on a flight. It went through the x-ray machine and it was fine. I think it is just the biologic drugs which shouldn't go through x-ray machines as they are a protein which could potentially be changed by x-rays.


  • Hello again Tilda.

    Sorry you didn't have any luck with the pharmacist. Think your plan (and Allanah's suggestion) sounds the best approach though.

    Good luck - and have a good trip.


  • Thanks all will do as Allanah suggests and then not worry if they x-ray it. TTx

  • I've had a quick google...and airport security site says that they will offer visual screening of meds if passengers request it, but need to say so straight away as you get to security area. And must have meds labelled and packed separately, and be prepared to take them out and show them to staff (they're not supposed to touch chemical things). However, if meds can't be screened visually then it says that you must allow them to be x-rayed as otherwise won't be allowed on.... happy journey...Px

  • It's just in a black sponge bag in my hand luggage so easy to get them to screen it visually if they are willing as long as they don't start opening them up. The letter's in the bag. Thanks for looking this up for me Polly I'm trying to not use up all my battery on this as wont charge again for ages. I think someone said on here that they don't actually know how the x-ray effects the MTX so best on safe side. It's gorgeous and sunny here in Edinburgh - autumnal and cold but no down pours yet today - my favourite kind of weather and SO beautiful! TTx

  • Ps I made it through security - they did a hand check, read GP letter etc and it did cause a wee hold up but not as much as my son's new jaws style brace poor boy?! Thanks for your help on this I did it as advised by you all. TIlda x

  • I phoned Health Care at Home last week asking about traveling with humria or enbrel. Going on anti tnf's soon and because I fly a lot to visit my daughter and family I wanted to know which one would be best before I make my decision.

    The pharmacist told me that enbrel and humria can go through the scanner not a problem.. He then said that they don't know what will happen to MTX if it goes through so that's why they advise you not to let.

    I have got a letter from my consultant with all my medication listed for security, this does not mention about the x ray scanner. I also have on from Health Care at Home which does state that it shouldn't be put in the x ray scanner. Last time I flew the security guard did question me when I said that MTX couldn't be a scanned, he was referring to my consultants letter. I then showed him the Health Care at Home letter and I then didn't have a problem.

    Glad that you didn't have any problems Tilda......Happy Holidays!!!!


  • I have a letter from HCH stating that my Embrel must not go through any scanner they also supplied me with a Therometer for the journey and the fridge in my cabin. You may want to look into this for you if you are travelling to and fro a lot.

  • Hello Georje

    Thank you for replying to my post. I am wondering if the advice's been changed since you started taking enbrel. I received some information from NRAS about travelling with humira and enbrel. The info said that humira can be kept out of the fridge for up to 24hours (as long as the temp. did not exceed 25 degrees), then it could be put back in the fridge.

    It stated that enbrel could be kept our for up to 4 days (again not exceeding 25 degrees) and then put back in the fridge. Both drugs could only be kept out of the fridge once only.

    When I spoke to the pharmacist he told me that since last October the advice for enbrel had changed. I don't know if it as for humria because I didn't ask about it. Enbrel I was told can be kept out of the fridge for a period of 4 weeks, again not exceeding 25 degrees. It must not be put back in the fridge and the drug must be used within the 4 week period. It was during the conversation that he told me that it can go through the x ray scanner. I will add here that if the letter I get from HCH states that it can't go through the scanner then I won't let it go through.

    The fact that I can keep enbrel out of the fridge for that period of time is making me lean more towards enbrel. We went to Spain last Christmas and Easter for a month and are planning to do the same again this Christmas, it just makes thing so much easier not having to worry about keeping the drug at the right temperature.


  • All of this information was given to me within the last couple of months from HCH and the pharmacist, again HCH, called me at home giving me the information, although it can be out of the fridge for a short time it must also not go below a certain temp either, which is 5-10.

    I prefer to abide by the information given to me, likewise you will do the same, especially as I will be travelling with it in the next few days.

  • Oh dear, I am now confused. You've been given one set of advice and I've been given another. I am expecting a telephone call in the next few days from my specialist nurse and I have to make my mind up which one I am going to take. I am off to do some googling to see if I can get any answers.


  • Just seen your waving, thankyou. Things are looking up a bit I think/ hope. Have a brilliant trip xx

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