Anyone with advice on dogs?

Anyone with advice on dogs?

Hi! My hubby wants to get a "hunting dog.....any advice? Upland game, must like cats and Above all, Not Be Bullying Butthead to my Sammy! Not really on topic but advice from friends with the same health issues would be very much appreciated since guess who will be in charge of said dog...that's right , me! I personally love love love big dogs but Sammy, who weighs 50 lbs, pulls me off my feet when he's being a butthead so smaller might be better.

Thanks! Have a nice pain free weekend!


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  • Springer spaniels are a giggle, but quite lively. Not too big though. Or type of terrier?

    Sorry not much help. I've got a border/aussie who is nuts! If there was any justice in the world I'd be slimmer...all the walking I do!

  • We have an Aussie him to bits but yes a high energy dog!

  • A lot of hunting dogs do tend to be smaller - like a beagle. So there's a big choice. Depends what your husband is hunting, and what is common round your way. Dachshunds make great hunting dogs and family dogs, but aren't very macho!

    My dog is 60lbs, so could pull me off my feet easily, but we have really focused on training him not to! To me any dog is possible, but you have to put the time in to training.

  • Hi Helix! Thanks for replying! Sammy is a very shy Keeshond. He has very bad experiences with other dogs-my granddaughter's Chihuahua mix beat him up and he was attacked by a boxer.

    My hubby hunts ducks, pheasant, quail and dove so looking for a pointer/fetcher. We have friends with Labs and a Brittany.

    I'd like a golden retriever, I think....


  • Retrievers and labs are lovely dogs...but food obsessed! Seriously! They can get hugely overweight if not keot in check. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm retriever/lab cross!!! :-) :-)

  • My collie/aussie is completely disinterested in food. Had to train him with a clicker and toys!

  • One of the best,Labrador,very tolerant,intelligent,protective,

    Wouldn't be without mine.

  • Hi Macelott.

    We have friends with Labs. The sweetest, kindest dog I have ever met was one of theirs but bright, he wasn't- -the only Lab I have ever heard of that couldn't swim!


  • You now know 2 he will paddle but as soon as a wave comes near his out. It might be different if i went for a swim,but my swimming days are long gone.

  • Darling Otter wanted Nothing to do with that water in the lake! Even though the other Labs in family were having a ball. When we visited, Otter and I would sit in shade happily and let the others get all wet.

  • Lurcher or whippet, nicest dogs, ever! We have 3, they like a walk, then sleep. They are really gentle & love kids. I would get a puppy though & introduce them to your other residents, otherwise puss cat will be fair game to them!! My baby is a ferret, the dogs have to be very well behaved round Fezbomb, so they can be trained! Highly amusing watching them all play.

  • Hi Tracey! You have a ferret?!? So lucky! I love ferrets.

    I think Remy and Dante (cats) could handle a "teenage" puppy just fine...its my Sammy that I have concerns about. He's rather shy around other dogs with the exception of my SIL's ancient PBGB. I'm thinking of what my hubby calls a started dog. They have Some training but aren't full grown, usually about 4-5 months old.

    Thanks for replying!


  • I got my dog aged six months. The advantage of that was he was house trained, and had basic commands. Downside...he'd developed some bad habits too. Took some time to undo some of them. That said...he`s slightly unhinged in temperament. He's very sensitive, but I think collies often are. I wouldn't have him any other way. And....he's smart!

  • He's my profile pic Dani, I adore him, he's very spoiled! He was supposed to be a working ferret, yeah right! He could fit into my hand, now he get cradled in my arms! Depends what your new dog is for, shooting a spaniel, very clever (bit of a handful though!) Labs are nice, lurchers for rabbiting. Lurchers are very obedient & loyal, ours are 4, 7 & 10. I hate the way some working Lurchers are passed on from pillar to post, we've had ours from 8 weeks old. We have a terrier that is 22, I kid you not! Think I'm going to start on Chappie, there must be something in it, she's fit as a fiddle!!! Hope you can find a dog soon! x

  • My profile pic is our Pointer/Retriever first cross. We've had her from 10 weeks & she's a very sociable dog though protective, of me in particular, she gets on with dogs who are equally sociable. She has traits of both breeds, greedy like a Lab, not a barker except to make us aware someone's approaching down the drive. There are some quirks she has that we've not taught her, such as coming to you if you're not in the same room as your mobile & it's ringing or when there's a text alert. She loves toys, all of them are hers! She needs very little grooming, say once a week & likes having a shower & loves being rubbed down with a towel, she has webbed feet too. She has mad half hours but that's probably down to us & being limited to one walk a day, she misses running in the large garden we previously had. Snuggles are the best thing ever, after food! Given the opportunity she'd chase rabbits & though fascinated by has never tried to harm the family of mice who live in the climbing hydrangea that covers the garage roof & eat the peanuts we put out for the birds.

    Not sure if this is particularly helpful her not being a working dog but if you're looking for a family pet then they're the best of both breeds.

  • Our friends have Vizsla google says Temperament: Affectionate, Gentle, Energetic, Loyal, Quiet

  • Vizsla was my suggestion! A great versatile hunter, and an incredible companion. Not food obsessed, but known as "Velcro" dogs because they love, no adore, being with their humans, so leaving them alone might be a problem. Highly interactive and affectionate. Have a sleek, low-maintenance coat.

    I miss mine every single day.

  • Hi Seenie, thanks for your reply! My Keeshond is a velcro dog too-don't know if I could handle two of them! My hubby is more of a cat person so both dogs will be mine.


  • I have a cocker spaniel - show type rather than working type.

    I have had dogs all my life, but have never known such a sweet natured, clever, easy going wee girl. Everywhere I go I am stopped and people ask for a cuddle (her, not me sadly!).

    She's less than 10kg so easy to lift, has oodles of energy, but if I'm having a bad day is happy with shorter walks.

    She is simply the best cuddler in the world too!

    I've had her from 8 weeks, never had any problems and she has been so easy to train.

    Can you tell I'm smitten? ❤️🐾x

  • Hi Jem! My kids have already picked my "great grandma" type dog-a King Charles Cavalier. For when I get to "crippled up" for a big dog, they've said they are getting me a boy at that point...I love them!


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